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16 Dan Hanneman – Conquering Your Money Shadows

Money has become one of the all-consuming concerns of people globally, it’s almost as if our life is all about money and this is destructive. My guest on the show today, Daniel Hanneman, is here to talk about Money Shadows. Dan has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist with combined business […]


15 Miriam Schulman – The Myth of the Starving Artist vs. Unleashing Your Creativity

Our guest today, Miriam Schulman, talks about how artistry and creativity has the power to transform and uplift society. Miriam abandoned a hedge-fund career and decided to embrace her art career full-time after 9/11. Contrary to the starving artist myth, she has been quite successful. Miriam’s watercolor and mixed media paintings have been seen on […]

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14 Kendra Thornbury – The Consciousness of Poverty and How To Heal It

Today we are talking about poverty consciousness with my great guest, Kendra Thornbury! Kendra is an awesome coach and entrepreneur who helps people raise their money and wealth consciousness. She has a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS). Kendra also served as a leader for community and professional organizations, […]


13 Patty Alfonso – Sexy Isn’t About Sex

Our phenomenal guest today, Patty Alfonso, is an internationally acclaimed facilitator on the topics of consciousness, bodies (as in physical body), and creating a life of global change. Patty is the author of #1 International Best Selling Books Your Body As the Creation of Consciousness and Dancing As the Body of Consciousness. She also is […]


11 Barb Wade – Taming the Negative Voices

Our guest today is a very good friend of mine and a phenomenal transformational coach, Barb Wade! Barb is a speaker, author, and coach who works with high-achievers who aren’t truly thriving and are seeking more. On their journey with Barb, her clients release the patterns and fears that have been keeping them stuck in […]


10 Human Design – What is Your Type?

Today I am going to talk with you about your Human Design type . Human Design types are based off our birth date, time, and location. Each of us has a type, and Human Design helps us understand how we interact with the world. I highly recommend that you look up your Human Design type for today’s […]


08 Tulsy Ball – Mushrooms vs. Pharmaceuticals

I’m so excited to have Tulsy Ball on today’s show! Tulsy is a storyteller, writer, producer, botanist and entrepreneur. He rants today about the illusions we have about what we put into our bodies. Tulsy and his brother are the founders of Chagit Products (a health product line) based on the miraculous Chaga mushroom. They believe […]


07 Pamelah Landers – How Women Emasculate Men

Today my amazing guest, Pamelah Landers, talks about how women emasculate men. Pamelah is known as a Relationship Wisdom Expert, and she is a Master Hand Analyst (she has read over 51,000 hands).  She specializes in helping her clients better understand relationships. Pamelah has published several books about using hand analysis to better understand communication […]