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31 Debbie Unterman – Healing American Violence

My guest today, Debbie Unterman, is an author, speaker, transformational game inventor and Master Alchemist. Her game, Game of Clarity (where people play their way through their issues), has amazed hundreds with its accuracy and miraculous abilities. Debbie is the author of the textbook and self-help book, Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the […]


30 Patricia Missakian – Lose Your Victim Mentality with the Akashic Records

Today, I am so excited to dive deeper into learning about Akashic Records with Patricia Missakian. The Akashic Records can help leaders listen to “the quiet voice” inside their heads, and Patricia has helped thousands of students discover their life purpose through their Akashic Records. She is an international Akashic Records Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. […]


29 Kitty Waters – Why Do Your Dharma?

My guest today is Kitty Waters, is an inspirational and motivational speaker and a well-known coach, consultant, and mentor. Kitty is the co-creater of the Network for Transformational Leaders.  She launched her podcast “Kitty Talks” in 2017, and Kitty is Reiki master and NLP practitioner. On today’s show, Kitty rants about dharma… Tune in to […]