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25 Shivany Gonell – Fraud in the Self-Help Industry and Understanding Akashic Records

On today’s show Shivany Gonell rants with us about FRAUD. Fraud in the SELF-HELP and self-discovery industry. We are also going to rant about these FALSE CLAIMS of overnight-success because they cost people a lot of time, energy, and money. Shivany Gonell is a transformational expert that bridges humanity and divinity. She is LifeMastery coach, […]


16 Dan Hanneman – Conquering Your Money Shadows

Money has become one of the all-consuming concerns of people globally, it’s almost as if our life is all about money and this is destructive. My guest on the show today, Daniel Hanneman, is here to talk about Money Shadows. Dan has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist with combined business […]