You possess the secret code to your ideal business in the palms of your hands.

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Dear Intuitive, Innovative Business Leader,

Resting in the palms of your hands is not only the secret code to your ideal business, but the secret code for your life.

This SECRET CODE is the FOUNDATION and PRE-REQUISITE for everything that you are and everything you create.

Without this SECRET CODE, you are building the proverbial “castles in the air.”

With this SECRET CODE, you can build a business and a life that SATISFIES YOUR SOUL.

And HOW do you build a business and a life that SATISFIES YOUR SOUL?

DECISIONS. Stay with me on this...

...I’m going to prove to you that DECISION-MAKING skill or LACK thereof can MAKE OR BREAK YOU.

As a business leader, you require the capacity to make solid, EXCELLENT, and reliable decisions personally and professionally EVERY DAY.

Poor decisions in our romantic life and career can derail us for YEARS.

Think about it…

  • You sign an unfair contract that takes years to extricate yourself from. Ouch.
  • You hire a friend to work in your business and discover they are embezzling you. Ouch.
  • You marry the incorrect person and end up in a nasty divorce. Ouch.
  • You move to the incorrect location and your life grinds to a halt. Ouch.
  • You eat the incorrect diet (and there are SO many to choose from) and you can’t seem to lose that weight no matter what you do. Ouch.

And despite the cost of these lousy decisions, how much time have you invested in the SCIENCE behind good decision making? Exactly. Not too much I’m guessing.

Our success is determined by one thing and one thing only: MAKING GOOD DECISIONS.

And the KEY to making good decisions is understanding your SECRET CODE.

Each person’s SECRET CODE reveals their correct life path and life purpose.

The SECRET CODE I will reveal for you does the following:

  • Lays out the correct business structure and plan FOR YOU so that you can prosper with the most efficiency;
  • Identifies your personal inner AUTHORITY for making decisions so that you make the correct decisions;
  • Reveals your life STRATEGY for interacting with your environment so you can seize good opportunities and dispense with the nonsense.


Living your soul design is the MOST important thing you will ever do!

Your Soul Design is WHO YOU ARE… the WHO YOU ARE ‘meant to be.’

It is your soul’s potential awaiting your DECISION to take it on and live it.

And you might be saying, “But Baeth, I know who I am.”

Do you REALLY know who you are, deep in your soul, at a DNA level?

Nature designed you in a specific way, at a DNA level. Nature gave you a blueprint that lives in the a palms of your hands. When you know how to read the map in your hands, you can push the “go button” and experience your life unfolding in ways you never knew possible.

It's one thing to know why you are here, it's another to know the map that will let you fulfill who you really are. When you are living how you are designed, your ideal work comes naturally and each step of your journey is financed.

I also incorporate your Human Design chart with the “secret code map" in your hands for a full picture of your SOUL DNA.* (*More on this in a bit.)

After personally decoding over 10,000 secret code maps, not one is the same. Your secret code map is like no one else's map. As long as you try to follow someone else's map, you will be lost.

Now imagine what your life would LOOK and FEEL like if you possessed this SECRET CODE to YOU.

When you possess the secret code, you become the leader you always knew you could be, making precise and solid decisions time after time, day after day, in your personal and professional life - for the rest of your life!

You are in the flow and there is no internal struggle between your heart and your mind.

You look at your body, your home, and your relationships and think, “Yes, I created all this… and it suits me.”

Or are you in the GAP created without a clear map?

The gap between your current results and what you want, expect, or think you “should” be experiencing?

You have gone to the mountain top, you've dipped your toes in the sacred pool, you've spent thousands on therapy, coaching and shamanic journeys…

..and yet… what is it that's missing?

Maybe you are like a greyhound racing around a track, chasing that dangling piece of meat right in front of your nose and you can't catch it?

Frustrating is an understatement.

Maybe it's felt this way for years.

You've been supporting yourself your entire adult life… and yet… NOW… you want to experience the richness of being a leader who role models VISION, CLARITY, and EMPATHY… because now you are MAKING DECISIONS PROPERLY from your DESIGN - not your conditioning!

Because IT'S TIME.

It's time to be the leader you were born to be.

It's time to drop the mask and be MORE visible.

It's time to give of all you have and bow in gratitude to what happens when you give of your true self.

This person - YOU - has an internal design, a specific structure and plan that is mapped out in the palms of your hands - and in your Human Design chart. Together, these two phenomenal self-discovery tools create your “SECRET CODE MAP."

Your business is in your DNA, in your biology. And so I’ve created an event for you called “GIFTED: The Biology of Business©” - because YOU are Your Business!

This map can help you navigate your life and step into the YOU you've been waiting for.

You are invited to join the GIFTED Biology of Business© 2017 LIVE Event, where I will show you your map, how to read the map (that comes right from your BODY, your BIOLOGY, your DNA) and how follow its directions.

This secret code map will give you the power as a leader to make decisions that increase your success, reduce your stress, and let you sleep at night!

Read on to discover how this clarity can be yours today.

To Your Profitable Purpose,

If you're not getting the results you want, it's because your decisions are off kilter. When you make decisions from your BIOLOGY, your SOUL DNA, your life will become an experience of flow, joy and abundance. Your leadership can make a BIG impact without more effort, struggle or “pushing."

Gallup poll shows that 70% of workers are unhappy in their work

1 in 3 women die from heart attack or stroke in the U.S. each year

U.S. households with debt owe, on average, over $16,000

Women hold 65% of student loan debt

Single women over 40 with no children are the unhappiest in their work

Women-Owned Businesses in the United States

More than 9.4 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 7.9 million people, and generating $1.5 trillion in sales as of 2015.

Women-owned firms (51% or more) account for 31% of all privately held firms and contribute 14% of employment and 12% of revenues.

Businesses Owned by Women of Color

2.9 million firms are majority-owned by women of color in the U.S.

These firms employ 1.4 million people and generate $226 billion in revenues annually.

Million Dollar Businesses

One in five firms with revenue of $1 million or more is woman-owned.

4.2% of all women-owned firms have revenues of 1 million or more.

isn't it time to add your business to this list???

So is having a business your solution or your sorrow?


It depends upon whether or not you are a leader making CORRECT DECISIONS in your personal and professional life so that you are fulfilling your SOUL DESIGN.

Your clients, your team, your love partner, your friends, and your community depend upon you making good decisions… of course, YOUR LIFE is the MOST important recipient of your positive decisions.

Perhaps you desire to step out more boldly as a LEADER but you FEAR:

* humiliation
* ridicule
* persecution
* being labeled a “woo-woo weirdo”
* cash flow issues
* relationship strain...

… these and many other fears may keep you from saying, “I'm an intuitive, I'm a spiritual teacher, I'm a creative, I'm an entrepreneur, I’m a business owner…” and stepping into the POWER and SATISFACTION that comes with confidently leading your own venture.

If you are reading this letter, chances are high that:

** You have been heavily conditioned by your family and education (most of us have been!) to be and act in certain ways that feel like ill-fitting clothing or even imprisonment.

** You feel trapped, stagnant and stuck. You want to “be yourself” and follow your design, but are afraid of “what they will say.”

** You've tried so many programs that you've lost count. You are bewildered as to WHY your success and fulfillment hasn't unfolded as you've been told it would… that it would be easy, simple, “magic.” Well, if it were, you wouldn't be frustrated right now. (People tend to like quick fixes, but history has shown people like lots of things that aren't good for them!)

** You still feel awkward allowing your ambition a voice in your business.

** You feel anger. Anger at the pain in the world, anger at the dishonesty you see, anger at the false promises, anger at yourself for not being, doing or having “MORE.”

** You feel in your bones there is a different way to show up and be a successful woman in business, but it feels difficult, confusing, overwhelming and scary.

The ONLY way to get what you really want is to drop the mask and live your soul's design. The phrase “Be who you really are” finally makes sense.

Isn't it time for a business (and PROFITABILITY!) based upon your design, rather than someone else's?

The thing is… if you're not getting what you want, it's because you think you know who you are. And the ONLY way to get what you really want is to drop the mask and live your soul's design. The phrase “Be who you really are” finally makes sense.

Isn't it time for a business (and cash flow) based upon your design, rather than someone else's?

** The REMEDY? **

Owning a business based upon the soul blueprint in your hands and human design chart, not someone else's model, is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT.

Owning a business on your own terms, based upon the design in your own DNA, is a SOUL-SATISFYING EXPERIENCE. You are the authority of your life - no one else. You understand why you are here on Earth, whom you are meant to serve and best of all, what brings YOU joy and satisfaction.

You are able to draw opportunity to you rather than chase after it. You attract the right help and support team to fulfill your tasks, goals and objectives. You are clear on your mission and vision on this planet. You have money in the bank and know more money is always on its way to you. You are willing to do the work - because you love what you do.

Best of all, you are able to make decisions with confidence and clarity because you are not making them from your mind, you are making them from your body with your mind as the administrative assistant providing detail, insight and scheduling help.

Your business makes you happy and delivers to your clients and customers high-value products and services. You are seen as a leader in your industry and community. Your business stands apart from others, removing you from commodity-based transactions. You are able to live your life on your own terms, doing what YOU want to do with your free time. There is finally THE SPACE to begin that new hobby, get fit and provide your children with experiences to grow their budding hearts and minds. You even have TIME for romance! Imagine...

Best of all, You are comfortable BEING YOU 100%, no apologies.

The ultimate freedom is knowing who you really are - and being that person everywhere you go!

Please accept my invitation to an incomparable event called,
“Gifted: Biology of Business© LIVE”


Wouldn't it be helpful to see this map with your own eyes and understand what your own biology is trying to reveal to you?

When you follow the map in your hands (your biological blueprint), you begin to experience clarity, permission and the self-love to live YOUR life on YOUR terms.

Together with other intuitive leaders like yourself, you will step into a community directed by purpose and bound by love and support. Isn't it time to drop the mask and any stories you use to hold back and step into the light your true soul's blueprint provides?

Please join us for “GIFTED: The Biology of Business© 2017 LIVE Event.”

What You Can Hope to Experience at Gifted 2017

“Gifted” is an event like no other. Guided by Baeth’s 20 years of business experience plus shamanic and dance training, she brings it all together so you can FEEL your prosperity in YOUR BODY and your mind becomes your servant, rather than your nagging, incessant task master.

At Gifted, our immersive experience will include exploring your Human Design chart and how it reveals your correct diet, environment and decision-making process.

… AND this intimate WORKSHOP event includes a 1-to-1 HOT SEAT with Baeth!


I will hold your hand and walk you through these 5 CONTENT and EXPERIENCE RICH modules live and in person!


The CORRECT DIETARY REGIME (solve this once and for all!) is necessary for HIGH ENERGY and sustained output.

I’m watching this dietary approach change the lives of my clients who try it on.

Their bodies are strong and happy and resistant to illness and injury.

Your body is your vehicle and your decision maker. It needs NOURISHMENT.


No matter where you live in the world, there is the CORRECT ENVIRONMENT for you to THRIVE.

You don’t have to leave your favorite city or neighborhood.

You simply need to adjust your environment to your design.


Your results are the RESULT of your decisions. Most people suck at making good decisions.

You KNOW you are making good decisions because your life actually WORKS for you and feels good.

The wrong decisions can have repercussions that last for YEARS! Ugh.

We will also use your hand prints to map out your revenue plan and “success prescription.”

Pictured: Sample Hand Print

4. YOUR MONEY PLAN from your hands!

Yes, your hands reveal a money plan. Your money plan works properly when your energy is flowing in the right direction.

We will use your hand prints ON SITE to make out your revenue avenues to purposeful profit.

…And did we mention there would be HOT SEATS at Gifted?
You and Baeth, 1-to-1, on your most pressing issues, including your relationship with money!


You will leave Gifted 2017 with your “success prescription” in writing.

You will know your next steps and you will have the SUPPORT to make it happen and keep your momentum going long after this event is over.

See Here What Others Have to Say About Attending Gifted LIVE!

"Baeth said her GIFTED Live Event would be life changing. That has been an understatement for me. It has proven to be an activation- a lift-off and elevation that has propelled me into my higher purpose. Everything is opening up.

That room was filled with AMAZING women (and 4 fabulous men). Everyone who stood up, spoke up, faced their fears in the hot seat, broke through and allowed us to witness their gifts was AMAZING. And just as amazing were those who held the space as they witnessed and simultaneously experienced their own AHA moments and breakthroughs.

Courage reigned, and authenticity led to healing: breakdown, breakthrough, rinse and repeat. I really got it. False bravado is inauthentic; and an ineffective way of being; but so is false humility. Playing small serves no one; it also is the surest way to suffocate the soul. WE ARE MEANT TO SHINE - end of story.

How many more minutes or lifetimes am I going to pretend that my voice and my Self does not matter?

I had profound (and sometimes very painful) moments of clarity in which I saw the very good the loving Universe wished to bestow upon me, in accordance with my deepest desires, was blocked by no one but ME.

My refusal to ask for what I want or use my voice for full self-expression is literally denying the reality of who I truly am on every level of my being.

I will do this no more. This is my total commitment to myself. Baeth’s live event experience showed me I AM ALL THAT. And so is everyone else.

There is no competition because we are all bringing our very own unique incredibly beautiful and powerful expression into the world. That is why we bought the ticket - not only to Baeth’s event but to this plane of existence.

I have made the decision to get over my story of “I’m not good enough.” And the courage to step into my full self-expression is not falsely manufactured, but springs forth from the pain of living the lie known as unworthiness. The cost of living the lie is far too great- it is the very murder of my soul.

I can’t go back now. Every conversation since I got back home has had meaning and significance.
I am making it matter, and I am no longer hiding out. I want to connect, and make it count.
I am a force of healing unto the world; I set the intention and simply get present. I will be guided in each moment as to what is truly helpful. As I speak from a place of authenticity, others respond in kind, and both our souls are elevated. I can feel it. And instead of lying parched in the desert, I am being nourished and am coming back to Life. Amen.

I plan to return to Baeth’s 2017 Gifted Event and bring friends!”

- Marcia Boyer, member “Biology of Business, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

“The Biology of Business is a very informative program and Baeth is very sincere in conveying the message and helping one to understand and use what is written in our palms to help direct us to do what we came here to do.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wish to gain more clarity and support to step into all that you are.”

- Sujata Prasannan, Adelaide, South Australia

“Baeth's Biology of Business Course demystifies many of the secret tenets that prevent people from becoming successful in business.

While this course does require concentration and dedication, the material is presented in a clear and concise structured and orderly fashion that prepares you to effectively present to clients and help them to achieve desired goals and outcomes more effectively!

It is very helpful and fun to learn about yourself as well!”

   - Marilyn Johnson, ND Atlanta, Georgia

“When I started the Biology of Business, I felt stuck and unable to move forward, particularly in relationship to my creativity. I knew there was trauma stored in my body, but part of me was afraid to really look at it. The cool thing about the program is that Baeth takes you through each Chakra and how it correlates to your life and your business.

I found that my biggest hurdle was allowing myself to be fully embodied and grounded, starting with my root Chakra. Only then could I allow intuition and creativity to flow. This insight has changed my life by allowing me to begin releasing the trauma through different healing modalities which has resulted in my pursuing my art again as a career.

Thank you Baeth for your support, guidance, and love.”

   - Laurie Ann Miller, Los Angeles, California

“ Recently I attended the “Biology Of Business” course, facilitated by Baeth Davis.

At the time, I was struggling to find my path following some life-changing events. This course provided me with a lot of insights into my personal life, my way of thinking and the way I reacted to influences from the outside.

The environment in which this course takes place, gives one the safety of the group. I felt completely at ease sharing my deepest inner thoughts with the knowledge that I would not be judged in any way, but helped along the path to the disclosure of a good number of my blocked feelings.

After the course, there are still plenty of opportunities to follow up on open items, or questions arising when everything really starts to sink in.

All in all, I can honestly highly recommend this course to anyone from every level of society, regardless of their background, prior experience,… To me it truly was an eye-opener!!!

Don’t hesitate, join the community!”

   - Els Goos - Belgium


“If, at the end of the first day of the event, you aren't satisfied, just quietly turn in your materials and we’ll give you a full refund. No refunds will be given prior to the event or post-event.”

Join GIFTED: The Biology of Business© LIVE Event Today For Only $1997Just $597

P.S. - We have ONLY 37 tickets available and then registration closes. Claim your spot!

Join GIFTED: The Biology of Business© LIVE Event Today For Only $1997Just $597


ARRIVE: Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
MAIN EVENT: Morning of Thursday, October 26th through evening of Saturday, October 28th
Please plan to stay for the ENTIRE event. Those arriving late or leaving early are not ideal candidates for this event.
DEPART: Late Saturday night or Sunday morning

REGISTRATION: 4 PM to 7 PM Wednesday, October 25th and 7 AM to 8:25 AM Thursday, October 26th
EXPERIENTIAL SESSIONS: 8:30 AM to 6 PM EACH DAY plus evening sessions on Thursday and Friday.
WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothing you can move in, layers for fluctuating temperatures, notebook and pens.
Please leave lap tops and iPads outside of the meeting room. Phones are allowed for taking and posting photos and comments on social media DURING BREAKS.

TRANSPORTATION: Fly into and out of Phoenix, Arizona International Airport. You will receive hotel information upon event registration. Take a taxi, Uber or Lyft to the hotel - about a 20-minute drive.

SLEEPING ROOMS: We’ve secured your gorgeous and comfortable sleeping room for ONLY $149/night! This rate is also good three days before and three days after the event.

INTERNET: It is complimentary.
PARKING (Self & Valet): It is complimentary.
SPA SERVICES: You receive a 10% discount as an event attendee.

Join GIFTED: The Biology of Business© LIVE Event Today For Only $1997Just $597

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Our sponsorship area - “Trade Show Alley” - has become one of the highlights of Gifted.

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