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Baeth helps business organizations discover their unique, scientific “Purpose Design” for more profit while creating greater value for their clients and customers. With this design in hand, companies can better monetize their missions, place employees in the right positions, and encourage the employee to harness their greatest potential, focus and commitment.


Baeth will show you a surprisingly simple way to discover your true company mission – and uncover the #1 thing that may be holding you back from achieving it!

  • Remove confusion and regain CLARITY of your company mission
  • Uncover and understand the psychological factors holding you and your organization back
  • Discover how your personal life purpose aligns your company profitability
  • Help your employees align their greatest skills with their job responsibilities

Baeth Davis,
The Intuitive Business Catalyst

“Attention Business Leaders ~ Invite Baeth To Speak With Your Organization and Baeth Will Show You A Surprisingly Simple Way To Fulfill the Profitable Mission You Were Designed To Do Rather Than What You Think You Should Do!”

Baeth’s Most Requested Topics

  1. “Your Purpose – It’s In YOUR Hands—Literally!”

Discover the scientific breakthrough for knowing your life purpose – and that of your staff and clients – instantly! It makes putting employees in the right positions a breeze.

  1. “A Surprisingly Simple Way to Discover Your True Calling (… and uncover the #1 thing that may be holding you back from achieving it!)”

Baeth reveals the source of your specific “Life Purpose DESIGN” and how you can use this to effectively and thoughtfully identify your company mission and increase your company profits.

  1. “Your Secret Sauce: Your Blind Spot”

Baeth reveals your psychological blind spots and those of your organization. Essential for understanding your own motives and those you work with so your leadership is respected. This blind spot is typically the cause of most profitably issues. It is also the source of the company’s greatest riches and productivity. The blind spot IS your “secret sauce.”

Christopher Maher

“Baeth, you are awesome, sweet, kind hearted, direct, brilliant, sophisticated, powerful while maintaining a genteel nature. Thanks for all your help, guidance, direction, wisdom, insight, vision and inspiration for myself and my company.”

– Christopher Maher, True Body Intelligence, Marina Del Rey, CA

Uncover The #1 Thing That May Be Holding You and Your Company From
Achieving YOUR Profitable Purpose!

About Baeth

Baeth Davis is known as “The Intuitive Business Catalyst.” Baeth has been published in numerous publications including Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World and the Los Angeles Times. She’s been heard on National Public Radio, Radio Europe, KPFK-Los Angeles and the Johnjay & Rich Show. A frequent TV guest and seminar speaker, Baeth is valued for her provocative and humorous presentation style, where she reveals a combination of personal vulnerability and practical, hands-on information. Baeth won the coveted Glazer-Kennedy Information Marketer of the Year Award. The Glazer-Kennedy Insiders’ Circle has over 30,000 members. This award recognizes one entrepreneur each year who has marketed their business successfully and creatively to their customers and clients. Baeth’s niche is helping entrepreneurs do the work they are DESIGNED to DO so they can attract ideal clients, grow their business bottom line, and get their special message out to a larger audience. At, discover the unique scientific design of you and your business as well as articles and episodes of Baeth’s popular podcast, “The Rant.”

Client List

Baeth is a sought-after keynote speaker for entrepreneurial conferences and conventions, including:

  • Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona (Multiple appearances.)
  • The Tucson Panhellenic Association (Keynote)
  • Ali Brown’s “Online Success Blueprint Workshop” (Keynote)
  • Kendall SummerHawk’s “Money, Marketing and Soul Conference” (Keynote)
  • Glazer-Kennedy Info-Summit
  • Baeth is a regular radio and TV guest, featured on national network and local network-affiliate stations.

“I was honoured to hear Baeth speak at an Ali Brown seminar in Los Angeles and I was mesmerised from beginning to end.

Many successful people tell their life story and how they turned their life around toward success, but here was a woman on stage describing part of my own story and at that point I began to cry. It wasn’t that our stories were the same but when Baeth described her feelings at her lowest point, her words resonated with me totally. So having travelled from the UK to LA and spent a fair bit on seminars last year, I had told myself that I would not pay for anything else for some time. But here was someone promising me that I could learn my Life Purpose through my hands. I signed up there and then for Baeth’s program and came back to the UK to await my hand reading. Baeth is in great demand so it was not until early this year that I spoke to Baeth again and she gave me my “Your Purpose” session. Just speaking to Baeth is reassuring and when she told me my results, I found myself smiling broadly. She was speaking my truth. The truth of “Who am I to be offering my service to the world?” syndrome. Of course Baeth knew this already from my own blueprint and encouraged me to speak to large audiences. Well, it was just the boost I needed to realise that I need to get out there and have courage in my spirit to guide my actions. My Life Purpose is “Passionate Success” and fear has no place in that! I can’t recommend Baeth highly enough. The inner shift I received has made me realise that I am on the right path – I just need to get out of my own way and have fun on my journey!”

– Susan Prime, U.K.

“Baeth is one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever seen and heard. I’ve seen the best.. and she is one of the best.”
– Debra Poneman, Inspirational Speaker and Creator of “Your Year of Miracles” with Marci Shimoff

‘Discover How to Make Good Decisions… For the Rest of Your Life’

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