Barb Wade on The Rant with Baeth DavisOur guest today is a very good friend of mine and a phenomenal transformational coach, Barb Wade!

Barb is a speaker, author, and coach who works with high-achievers who aren’t truly thriving and are seeking more. On their journey with Barb, her clients release the patterns and fears that have been keeping them stuck in a rut.

Barb rants about how society has taught us to bully ourselves, and how fear-based negative thinking has created a chronically depressed and anxious society.

I think you’ll find Barb’s work fascinating. And stay tuned for the amazing offer that she talks about at the end of the show!

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“If we tuck away the outside approval, if we tuck away the expectations and societal messages… who are you really?” – Barb Wade

Show Notes:

  • Why is our society chronically depressed and anxious
  • How do we define our worth
  • What is the spiritual crisis of meaning
  • How to identify negative self talk
  • Who are you beyond external expectations
  • How to find yourself
  • What is fear-based thinking
  • How to find self compassion
  • What is self compassion
  • How to be nicer to yourself

“We have tremendous love, joy, compassion and contribution in ourselves, and the courageous path is to choose those things.” – Barb Wade

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“Follow your truth.” – Barb Wade