Becky Kimes on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Welcome to another episode of The Rant !

Today we are going to talk all about MONEY, your guilt around it and more, with my guest, Becky Kimes.

Known as the “Wealth Activator for Healers”, Becky has created two of her own types of healing, Empowered Energetics and Arcturian Light Healing.

In addition to certifying healers in her two modalities, Becky also teaches other healers how to create a successful, profitable healing business.

I think you’ll love today’s show as we take a dive into why you really don’t have to be broke, how to build your healing business to great success, building your own modality, and more!

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“Forget about who might be judging you. Forget about how this might be perceived, and get out there and take some action and have some fun.” – Becky Kimes

Show Notes:

  • What the issue around making money is
  • What stresses people out
  • Tips for success
  • How entitlement gets in the way of success
  • The importance of charging what you’re worth
  • What is Empowered Energetics
  • How to create your own modality

“You have this opportunity to have your own business, but you have to show up everyday… just like you would in a job.” – Becky Kimes

Links Mentioned:

“Here is the biggest success tip of the people I work with. If they do this: if they’re consistent…if they do a little bit every day.” – Becky Kimes