CEO On Purpose – You’re the Boss! Yes, you are

Expressing you Life Purpose is the most important action you can ever take in your life. I would go so far as to say that a business owner without a sense of his or her life purpose is a lost business owner.

While you were in utero, between the 14th and 16th week of your development, your fingerprints fully formed on the tips of your digits. These remarkable energy wave patterns do not change and stay with you for your lifetime.

Your fingerprints reveal your specific life purpose. It might be “healer,” “business owner,” “artist,” “mother,” “mentor” or some other expression.

Your fingerprint information is made up of three parts: Your Life School, Your Life Lesson and Your Life Purpose.

Your Life School is your spiritual apprenticeship. The school or schools you find yourself in dictate what spiritual lessons you have chosen to experience in order to grow and evolve into your full potential.

 There are four schools: Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service.

Your Life Lesson is your blind spot or psychological illusion. This lesson creates the repeating patterns in your life – repetitive fights, relationships, and habits – that often don’t serve your higher purpose directly. However, if you lean into the lesson and realize it’s a little, scared, needy child inside you and attend to it responsibly and consciously, you are on your way to spiritual freedom.

A common lesson is low self-worth. With this lesson, it’s vital you find your value reference points internally, rather than through people pleasing or seeking validation from others. Putting your value outside of you causes a loss of power and takes you off track from your purpose. Discovering your value moves you toward your purpose.

Your Life Purpose is your highest self in action. Your Life Purpose is your potential realized. You know you are “on purpose” when you feel peaceful, smart, loving and in blissful service of yourself and others.