Welcome to “The Rant with Baeth” Podcast!
If you aren’t getting what you want, it’s because you think you know who you are. But do you? If you did, you would be getting what you want!
What stops most people from knowing who they really are is the fear of failure, rejection or being called out as a fraud. So a person says, “I’d rather stay ignorant of my Life Purpose than know it and fail to do it.”
Even if you are successful, this podcast is for you if you know there has to be more – more soul satisfaction – rather than boredom, depression, anger, bitterness, disappointment or frustration.
In order to grow a successful business, you must know who you are at a soul level – call it your blueprint, your design, your DNA. The acorn grows into an oak tree, not a willow tree. Do you even know what your seed wants to become?
Listen in as I rant (in an inspiring, humorous way) on the insanity of struggling to “make more money” and “get by.” When you know your design, your life is financed because you are in the flow.
Join me as I share my 20 years of wisdom as a million-dollar business owner, and I interview celebrities, successful entrepreneurs and innovators on the leading edge of consciousness who have overcome the belief that something is missing to living a life of prosperity. Isn’t it time YOU experienced right work for right pay?

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Kitty Waters on The Rant with Baeth Davis

My guest today is Kitty Waters, is an inspirational and motivational speaker and a well-known coach, consultant, and mentor.

Kitty is the co-creater of the Network for Transformational Leaders.  She launched her podcast “Kitty Talks” in 2017, and Kitty is Reiki master and NLP practitioner.

On today’s show, Kitty rants about dharma… Tune in to learn more!

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“You know really we should be finding our highest excitement in every given moment. It is like a compass to our purpose. It is like a compass to our soul.” – Kitty Waters

Show Notes:

  • Why you should stop being numb
  • What is dharma
  • How do you find good dharma
  • Why discovering your purpose is important
  • What is the dharma way
  • Why are decisions important

“I always knew that there was more to life than I could see. And I always knew that there had to be more than the experience that I was having, because I felt so empty.” – Kitty Waters

Links Mentioned:

 Twitter | Kitty Waters

“It’s learning to live more in flow, rather than pushing all the time.” – Kitty Waters

Kricket Harrison on The Rant with Baeth Davis

We’ve probably all had the experience of being shut down by teachers because we didn’t do something the way we were “supposed to do it”.

Unfortunately, this can have lingering life-long consequences that influence our ability to learn, grow, and try new things. Were we really wrong? Or was it just our learning style?

My guest today, Kricket Harrison, explores learning styles with me on this episode of The Rant. Kricket is a professional speaker/trainer and business productivity coach.

She is the author of Focus to the Finish Line: 5 Steps to Follow Through and Finally Make Money.

Kricket helps her clients maximize success based on their individual learning styles, and that amazing skill is what makes her an expert on today’s topic.

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“When we’re put in the right environment and we’re learning things at the right time, we can be truly successful.” – Kricket Harrison

Show Notes:

  • How to find out your learning style
  • What are different learning styles
  • Why auditory learners still need to see what’s going on
  • What type of tests were you better at
  • Why understanding your learning style is important

“We go so on auto-pilot and so on gotta get everything done now, faster, better and yesterday, that we forget how we work best.” – Kricket Harrison

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  • Connect with Kricket Harrison:

Facebook | Bright Outside the Box

“I think speaking is important for everyone, but not everyone has to speak and a professional level. Some people are absolutely brilliant writers, and their messaging and who they are comes off better when they write.” – Kricket Harrison

Laura Gisborne on The Rant with Baeth Davis

From structuring and selling small boutique businesses to owning a multi-million dollar real estate empire, my guest today Laura Gisborne is a highly successful business expert.

Laura is the author of the book “Stop the Spinning: Move from Surviving to Thriving”, and she has been featured on the national hit show “The List”.

Today Laura joins me on the show to rant about what really matters in life, and how we make ourselves crazy by focusing on the things that don’t matter.

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“If we are not good to ourselves, it is not always easy to be good to others.” – Laura Gisborne

Show Notes:

  • What are traits of great relationships
  • How much is enough
  • What is self-love
  • How can we be kind to ourselves
  • What are the differences between the U.S. and developing countries
  • Why philanthropy is important

“What I find is when I’m not having my daily practice or I’m not really focused on having lots of time for quiet and meditation and gratitude, I’m just not that fun to be around.” – Laura Gisborne

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Laura Gisborne:

Facebook | Twitter | Laura Gisborne | Limitless Women

“Just live in kindness to themselves and kindness to others and just put things into perspective for what’s going to matter 5 years from now.” – Laura Gisborne

Baeth Davis on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today’s rant is all about online dating – yup! Why can’t most men in the online dating scene complete even the most basic steps?

I’m pretty sure they know how to show up for work, so why do they have such a hard time following through on a first date?

On today’s show, I rant about how to NOT be a FLAKE, online dating etiquette 101, dating at my age, the truth behind DICK PICS, and much more.

Please note that for the purpose of today’s show, I will be sharing about heterosexual dating.  Also, I’m well aware that men also do online dating and encounter some of these same challenges.

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“May my voice ring in your head about how to not be like so many other flaky, inconsiderate, L.A. guys.” – Baeth Davis

Show Notes:

  • What are women looking for in men
  • Why I got divorced
  • How can you save a marriage
  • What’s the truth about cancer
  • Why it sucks when people flake on you
  • How online dating works
  • Why online dating is hard
  • The truth about dick pics
  • Why it is important to keep your word
  • Where is the desire for a real relationship
  • Why you can’t get a date

“If there is any lesson in this, if you are in any way happily married then I encourage you to do anything within your power to save that marriage.” – Baeth Davis

Links Mentioned:

“If you want your sex life to go through the roof, start treating your lady like a queen.” – Baeth Davis

Shivany Gonellon The Rant with Baeth Davis

On today’s show Shivany Gonell rants with us about FRAUD. Fraud in the SELF-HELP and self-discovery industry. We are also going to rant about these FALSE CLAIMS of overnight-success because they cost people a lot of time, energy, and money.

Shivany Gonell is a transformational expert that bridges humanity and divinity. She is LifeMastery coach, energy healer, inspirational speaker, co-author of “The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women”. Shivany has also been featured on Self Discovery Radio and New Human Living and on the Kat Kanavos TV Show.

Shivany’s mastery has guided her to apply the Akashic records as a grounded tool in order to get information on who you are at the soul level.

As an expert hand analyst, I know that there are a ton of people who have Akashic records lines in their hands, so I encourage you listen extra carefully on what Shivany has to say.

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“If you’re really serious in becoming successful  I really believe that we all need a coach. And you need somebody that fits for you.” – Shivany Gonell

Show Notes:

  • What is great about 2018
  • How do you read Akashic records
  • What are Akashic records
  • How does fear disguise itself
  • What are our core fears
  • How do the Akashic records work

“Most people don’t realize how fear disguises itself.” -Shivany Gonell

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Reclaim Inner Peace

“If you’re afraid then this is actually the time to do it, because the other side of fear is excitement.” – Shivany Gonell

Gayle Van Gils on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Most Americans wake-up on a weekday and dread going to work. On today’s show, I talk with Gayle Van Gils about her book Happier at Work: The Power of Love to Transform the Workplace.

Gayle is mindfulness teacher, business consultant, and executive coach. She is the founder of the consulting, training and coaching company Transform Your Culture, and is a senior meditation teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage.

Gayle has an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, and is a certified instructor of Search Inside Yourself – the mindfulness and emotional intelligence training developed and proven at Google. She also holds a certification as a Barrett Values Center consultant.

On today’s show Gayle talks with us about mindfulness and how to be happier at work. I think you’ll love hearing from her!

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“When we feel fear, we feel closed down… shut down, and our heart feels tight, right? And the opposite of that is that our heart opens when we care, when we love, when we feel.” – Gayle Van Gils

Show Notes:

  • How to like your job
  • Why happiness in the workplace is important
  • What is mindfulness
  • How can mindfulness affect your happiness
  • What does love feel like
  • How can you perpetuate love

“The worst thing that we can do and the easiest thing that we can do is just complain to other people.” – Gayle Van Gils

Links Mentioned:

FacebookTwitter | Transform Your Culture

“When you’re grounded you feel your own heart and you feel other people’s hearts, and then you can have genuine communication.” – Gayle Van Gils

David Medansky on The Rant with Baeth Davis

With January well under way, we are going to talk about a very popular topic on today’s show… WEIGHT REDUCTION!

My guest today, David Medansky is weight reduction expert and the author of Discover Your Thinner Self. There is a lot of misleading information in the weight loss industry, and David works to clarify the TRUTH behind that information.

On today’s show, David gives simple tips to changing your lifestyle and keeping the weight off!

I hope you enjoy today’s show!

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“Stress is the No. 1 reason that people overeat and gain weight.” – David Medansky

Show Notes:

  • How do you lose weight
  • Weight loss tips
  • What information is misleading about weight loss
  • How does HCG work
  • What is HCG
  • Which drinks make you gain weight
  • How can you maintain your weight loss

“What neurolinguistic programming teaches us is that it takes six weeks to change an old habit to a new habit. So what happens is, once you get to that 6 week mark you’ll either break through and keep doing the habit, or you’ll revert back to your old habit and old routine.” – David Medansky

3 Foods that you should never eat:

  1. Colas (Coke is the worst)
  2. High-fructose corn syrup
  3. Olean or Olestra (common in fat-free foods)

Links Mentioned:

 Youtube | Twitter | Discover Your Thinner Self

“Most of the stuff that people are hospitalized for can all be avoided.” – David Medansky

Calvin Correli on The Rant with Baeth Davis

My guest today, Calvin Correli, is about feeling alive!

Calvin is the CEO of Simplero, a software company in New York. He truly believes that it is not about success in any one area, but it is about the WHOLE PACKAGE (knowing who you are, love, sex, health, relationships, etc.) Why settle for less than all that we are?

On today’s show he talks about how he is FED UP with the media’s comedy, how we can recreate our reality, the differences between the U.S. and Denmark, and much more.

Enjoy the show!

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“My inclination when things didn’t work out the way that I wanted them to would be to do more of the thing that wasn’t working, right? Because that’s what I’m more familiar with. But that’s not going to move the needle for me.” – Calvin Correli

Show Notes:

  • Why it is important to see things in the big picture
  • What are the differences between the U.S. and Denmark
  • How to balance masculine and feminine energies
  • Why do people struggle with money
  • Who is Byron Katie
  • How can we change results

“My results come from my actions, my actions come from my beliefs. So let me just take all of the beliefs I hold up and re-evaluate them.” – Calvin Correli

Links Mentioned:

  • Learn more about Byron Katie
  • Check out Calvin’s company, Simplero
  • Connect with Calvin Correli:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Calvin Corelli

“You’re going to be ok no matter what.” – Calvin Correli


LoriAnne Reeves on The Rant with Baeth DavisToday’s show is all about SALES!!! My guest, LoriAnne Reeves, is a sales expert. She helps her clients close more sales and experience a fast breakthroughs.

LoriAnne’s experience as an entrepreneur, a licensed therapist, and a top sales rep for a Fortune 100 company brings an insightful perspective. She combines her expertise in psychology and sales to expose some root issues about WHY YOUR SALES SUCK.

LoriAnne speaks to crowds across the United States and Canada sharing her wisdom and helping entrepreneurs improve their sales.

On today’s show, we talk about the best ways to close sales, the psychology behind making a sale, best sales techniques, and much more.

I think you’ll love the show!

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“Don’t make it about you, make it about the person who is in front of you.” – LoriAnne Reeves

Show Notes:

  • Why are people afraid of sales
  • How to close sales
  • Why manipulative sales techniques are harmful
  • How to improve your sales techniques
  • What are the benefits of having better sales
  • Why is there so much fear around sales

“The dream is great, but you have to buy the results that get you a plan that get you to your dream.” – LoriAnne Reeves

Common Fears Around Sales:

  1. Fear of being unable to take care of the family
  2. Not wanting to show people up
  3. Fear that ‘I am not capable’

Links Mentioned:

  • Get your assessment with LoriAnne by emailing her at lorianne@loriannereeves.com
  • Connect with LoriAnne Reeves:

Facebook | Twitter | The CEO Entrepreneur

“You have to really go into a sales conversation knowing that the outcome is not too dear to your heart.” – LoriAnne Reeves

Jack Allen on The Rant with Baeth with Baeth Davis

Entrepreneurs hire my guest today, Jack Allen, to take their new service business to six figures in 18 months. That’s right…18 MONTHS!

Jack owns Dynamic Coaching LLC in Austin, Texas. He has started 11 successful organizations and had some epic failures in there too. Jack has spoken to more than 100,000 people worldwide. He is funny, candid, and thought provoking.

On today’s show, Jack rants about brilliant people complaining that they don’t have enough money. I think you’ll find him very entertaining and inspiring.

I hope you enjoy the show, and make sure you take advantage of the SPECIAL GIFT that Jack offers to everyone who listens to the show in the next week.

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“The first things is that you’ve got to believe in yourself and you’ve got to believe in your idea. The second thing is that you’ve got to take action.” – Jack Allen

Show Notes:

  • How to change your mindset around money
  • What is FEAR
  • How to manage your money differently
  • How do you get out of your crummy life
  • What traps do people put themselves into
  • How do you believe in yourself

“We live in a country where the difference between having money and not having money is all between my ears.” – Jack Allen

Links Mentioned:

  • Give Jack a call for your free consultation (512) 965-6962
  • Connect with Jack Allen:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Dynamic Coaching LLC

“Belief is action.” – Jack Allen