Celia Cortes on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today my guest, Celia Cortes, joins me to talk about how your safety is your responsibility. In light of the school shootings and the spike in terrorism and data breaches, I wanted to take an opportunity to dig into why this is happening.

Celia is a certified forensic interviewer. She’s also a licensed private investigator and an interview and interrogations instructor. With over 16 years experience in corporate security, investigations, and public safety, Celia’s experience ranges from international financial institutions to educational institutions.

In 2016, Celia opened Seva 6 Security Consulting. As an entrepreneur and a professional speaker, she is known for her direct, “don’t wait for someone else” approach.


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“If I could snatch phones from women and smash them into the floor, then I definitely would. Because I have seen time and time again, women expose themselves to danger because they are staring at their phones.” – Celia Cortes

Show Notes:

  • Why your safety is your responsibility
  • What women do to jeopardize their safety
  • Why looking at your phone is dangerous
  • What companies do to jeopardize their security
  • How to become a private investigator
  • Why training people about safety is important
  • How we can make our schools safer

“People cannot wait for law enforcement to take care of them. They’ve got to be able to take care of themselves.” – Celia Cortes

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“Bad things can happen to you, but they don’t have to.” – Celia Cortes