Diane Halfman on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today we talk about how to create a SPA life with my guest, Diane Halfman.

Diane is the Life R.E.S.E.T. Solution Specialist. As the host of the “Live Your SpaLife Show,” she facilitates engaging conversations with highly accomplished entrepreneurs, including Sandra Yancey, Lisa Sasevich, Dr. Sarah Larsen and Morgana Rae, all of whom have created a lifestyle with harmony and abundance.

On today’s show, Diane shares fascinating insights from her work as an undercover Police Officer, and her experience as an Ultimate Game of Life Certified Coach. She particularly talks about importance of physical space, mindset, and self-care to create a SPA life.


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“I don’t let anyone else take my power. Just because they say something and that is their experience, it doesn’t have to land on me that way.” – Diane Halfman

Show Notes:

  • How to become an undercover police officer
  • Are police officers racist?
  • How to deal with an injury
  • #MeToo in military and police forces
  • How to make requests
  • The importance of self-care

“Sometimes it is just the physical environment that you need to clear first to have the clarity to see what is the next step.” – Diane Halfman

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“Self-care is not a luxury. It is an absolute necessity.” – Diane Halfman