Baeth’s Ezine

Emotional Authority – what’s that?

I have a fun assignment for you to consider this week.

As you go about your life, do a little eavesdropping. At the airport, in the café, in the break room. Is anyone saying anything you haven’t heard before? Are you saying things you haven’t said before?

7.5 billion people and most of them talking about the same stuff, every day, all day. Making money, paying bills, struggling to pay bills, health ailments, love life problems, and drama, drama, drama. The news is mostly ‘the sames’ – drama, drama, drama.

This monotonous, repetitive dialogue is called “conditioning.”

Conditioned thinking comes from propaganda. It’s ALL propaganda unless it aligns with what is correct FOR YOU.

Our daily lives are not meant for us to just work to “pay bills.” Nor for us to follow a prescribed way of living that doesn’t suit who we truly are. If you look around, even how people live is so similar. We are IN the matrix, not observing it.

You exist to live out your unique soul design, your life purpose. That’s it. It’s for you and only for you. You will interact with and impact others along the way, but ONLY YOU can live out your design.

Imagine if we all lived this way. Imagine…

Notice the thoughts you think and the things you say. Are they your ORIGINAL thoughts – about your life and your creations? Or are they thoughts of conditioned programming?

What would it take to have a day that was mostly full of your original thoughts, ideas, inspirations? What if you saw through the matrix and made the MATRIX of your soul design your sole focus? What could you achieve? Who could you be?

This week’s Human Design profile features a woman who I experience as an original thinker. Our conversations always stir mind expansion and creative innovation.