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Today I am going to talk with you about your Human Design type .

Human Design types are based off our birth date, time, and location. Each of us has a type, and Human Design helps us understand how we interact with the world. I highly recommend that you look up your Human Design type for today’s episode.

Why do I rely on these systems to better understand myself?

Because it becomes more and more apparent to me that the majority of people don’t really know who they are or what they are designed to do. If they did, they would be a lot happier.

The more self-knowledge we have, the more we are able to connect with our own positive energy and power.

I think you’ll find it fascinating, and hopefully it will lead you to getting more in touch with your energy and positive power.

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“Everything I do… EVERYTHING I do… Is to relieve suffering and promote freedom and happiness.” – Baeth Davis

Show Notes:

  • Why do we use personality systems
  • What is human design
  • How does your energy field work
  • What is Human Design based off of
  • Why being aware of your Human Design type is important
  • What are the Human Design types
  • Why being aware of your human design type is important
  • What is the most common Human Design type
  • How to make healthy commitments
  • What are characteristics of the different human design types

“I specialize in recognizing the scientific, geometric, energetic, underlying patterns that make up you.” – Baeth Davis

Human Design Types:

  1. Generators
  2. Projectors
  3. Manifestors
  4. Reflectors

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