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We’ve probably all had the experience of being shut down by teachers because we didn’t do something the way we were “supposed to do it”.

Unfortunately, this can have lingering life-long consequences that influence our ability to learn, grow, and try new things. Were we really wrong? Or was it just our learning style?

My guest today, Kricket Harrison, explores learning styles with me on this episode of The Rant. Kricket is a professional speaker/trainer and business productivity coach.

She is the author of Focus to the Finish Line: 5 Steps to Follow Through and Finally Make Money.

Kricket helps her clients maximize success based on their individual learning styles, and that amazing skill is what makes her an expert on today’s topic.

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“When we’re put in the right environment and we’re learning things at the right time, we can be truly successful.” – Kricket Harrison

Show Notes:

  • How to find out your learning style
  • What are different learning styles
  • Why auditory learners still need to see what’s going on
  • What type of tests were you better at
  • Why understanding your learning style is important

“We go so on auto-pilot and so on gotta get everything done now, faster, better and yesterday, that we forget how we work best.” – Kricket Harrison

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“I think speaking is important for everyone, but not everyone has to speak and a professional level. Some people are absolutely brilliant writers, and their messaging and who they are comes off better when they write.” – Kricket Harrison