Maria Whalen on The Rant with Baeth Davis

I met my guest today, Maria Whalen, at a bar. Little did I know, she would change my life.

It was truly love at first conversation. We became fast friends, and I’m sure you’ll understand as you listen in to today’s episode while we talk about health innovations and what gets in the way of people healing.

Maria is a pioneer of true individual health freedom. After bouncing back from a number of diseases, she created the groundbreaking Invincible Wellness System. She teaches clients how they can keep themselves so that they NEVER GET SICK AGAIN.

Listen in to today’s show as Maria and I rant about Western health care systems, holistic cures to cancer, and much more.

Be sure to stay tuned for a SPECIAL GIFT from her! I know you’ll love it.


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“Anything your body created, your body can heal.” – Maria Whalen

Show Notes:

  • Why you should know your DNA
  • How your systems are intertwined
  • What is body debt
  • Where can you take a body-mind workshop
  • How does your body work
  • What you can do to keep from getting sick
  • How would it shift your life if you got a diagnosis
  • Why chemo can be bad for you
  • How can you cure cancer holistically

“I’m not a healer, by the way. I just know how the body works, and I like to teach people how to heal themselves. I don’t want people dependent on me because that is part of the problem, right?” – Maria Whalen

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“The Western approach will never heal you.” – Maria Whalen