Patrick Dominguez on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today we are going to talk about the HAMSTER WHEEL OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT with my guest, Patrick Dominguez.

Is personal development actually working? Or are you just spending more and more money on books and courses in hopes of “fixing” yourself?

Patrick is going to share with you his INNER FREEDOM as the co-founder of The Big Shift, working with business owners around the world and growing their impact.

He has many amazing programs for everyone who is tired of feeling not enough, unloveable and unsafe.

If you’re a personal development junky (or NOT), you’re going to LOVE today’s show.

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“At a certain point, more learning or more understanding about yourself is like the booby prize.” – Patrick Dominguez

Show Notes:

  • Is personal development just a hamster wheel?
  • What’s the difference between personal development and deep inner healing
  • What is the Inner Freedom Process
  • How to heal your wounds
  • How to change your behavior
  • What parents can do to your psyche
  • How relationships work
  • What is the core wound pattern
  • How you can undo patterns
  • What is trauma energy

“All things bubbling underneath – they all come straight out of childhood.” – Patrick Dominguez

Links Mentioned:

“There is a lot of fear of looking at what’s in the shadow.” – Patrick Dominguez