Samuel Schmitt on The Rant with Baeth DavisOur guest today is Samuel Schmitt! While on active duty in the Marine Corps, Samuel experienced a rapid evolution and expansion of consciousness that radically changed who he was.

He transformed from an apathetic, selfish, and atheistic individual, into a compassionate, wise, and open minded individual. His new sense of intuition changed how he perceived all of reality.

Using his greater understanding of himself through intense study of the occult, astrology, human design, and other forms, he created his own unique form of expressing his knowledge. Samuel figured out a way he could offer others exactly what they needed to know about themselves, and their lives.

Today, Samuel and I rant about the ignorance people have about what is going on within them.

I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of interacting with Samuel and his wisdom, and I can’t wait for you to hear what he has to say.

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“Everyone has got to discover the throne of their own courage.” – Samuel Schmitt

Show Notes:

  • What are Mandalas
  • What do Mandalas represent
  • How to know what your soul wants
  • When is fear worse than the actual experience
  • Where to find courage
  • How to stop feeling stuck
  • Is their such a thing as coincidences?
  • How to know the fate of your business

“I believe that everybody on a certain subconscious level realizes that there are probably some things that need to be addressed within them.” – Samuel Schmitt

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“People aren’t aware that what they are really looking at and judging and having issues with, is just a projection of who they really are out on the external world.” – Samuel Schmitt