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On today’s show Shivany Gonell rants with us about FRAUD. Fraud in the SELF-HELP and self-discovery industry. We are also going to rant about these FALSE CLAIMS of overnight-success because they cost people a lot of time, energy, and money.

Shivany Gonell is a transformational expert that bridges humanity and divinity. She is LifeMastery coach, energy healer, inspirational speaker, co-author of “The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women”. Shivany has also been featured on Self Discovery Radio and New Human Living and on the Kat Kanavos TV Show.

Shivany’s mastery has guided her to apply the Akashic records as a grounded tool in order to get information on who you are at the soul level.

As an expert hand analyst, I know that there are a ton of people who have Akashic records lines in their hands, so I encourage you listen extra carefully on what Shivany has to say.

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“If you’re really serious in becoming successful  I really believe that we all need a coach. And you need somebody that fits for you.” – Shivany Gonell

Show Notes:

  • What is great about 2018
  • How do you read Akashic records
  • What are Akashic records
  • How does fear disguise itself
  • What are our core fears
  • How do the Akashic records work

“Most people don’t realize how fear disguises itself.” -Shivany Gonell

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“If you’re afraid then this is actually the time to do it, because the other side of fear is excitement.” – Shivany Gonell

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