Siddiqi Soul Ray on The Rant with Baeth DavisI’m excited to introduce to you Siddiqi Soul Ray!

Siddiqi is a certified health and wellness coach, a fitness instructor, and an acclaimed photographer. She photographs soul portraits to help her clients see themselves with their soul power.

Her message is simple, yet powerful – “Be your own guru, yo!”

On today’s show, Siddiqi rants about self image dysmorphia and showing up authentically.

I think you’ll love her incredible insights and words of wisdom.

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“Sometimes the bravest thing that you can do is just show up.” – Siddiqi Soul Ray

Show Notes:

  • Why do people hide out
  • What is image dysmorphia
  • How to gain trust
  • What are Siddiqi’s archetypes
  • How to stop hating your body
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of fear
  • How to overcome perfectionism
  • How to reach your potential
  • Why do people have control issues
  • How to deal with rejection

“Really? Are you really afraid of failing? Because it kind of looks like you already are failing. You aren’t making the money that you want to make. You’re not really thriving in your life.” – Siddiqi Soul Ray

Blindspots to Soul Visibility:

  1. Fear of Success
  2. Perfectionism
  3. Fear of rejection
  4. Exhaustion and overwhelm
  5. Lack of trust

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