Attention: “Stuck Intuitives™”

… MBAs, Engineers, MDs, Healers, Speakers, Authors and Coaches
who hide their intuitive gifts because they both fear and crave

Isn’t It Time You Stopped Fighting Against Your Own Design and Started Living It?!

“They Laughed When I Told Them I’m a ‘Scientific Hand Analyst’… However, When I Shared How I Consistently Bring In Over $500,000 a Year Getting Paid for My Spiritual Gifts, They STOPPED Laughing and Started Taking Notes!”

Discover This Curious Method to Design a Business That WORKS FOR YOU Using an Ancient Spiritual System that is Literally Mapped Out in the Palms of Your Hands!


Let me ask you, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Creative Entrepreneur,

Right now, are you making all the money you desire doing the work you love? I call this “right work for right pay.”

Are you having fun? Are you SATISFIED?

And if you are not, why not?

Chances are… you’re afraid. And frustrated.

Afraid to come out of the spiritual closet and share your gifts with the world because you’ll be judged, ridiculed or worse.

And frustrated from having spent so much time, energy and money on other people’s plans, blueprints and systems without much success.

Possibly, as a child, it’s likely that you tried to share the truth you saw with your psychic, intuitive and creative gifts and people said:

  • “That’s not true.”
  • “That’s not happening.”
  • “You don’t see that.”
  • “You’re crazy.”


What’s actually crazy is this: over the past few years I’ve been studying women in the spiritual arts who make money doing what they love. They have a skill that those clients struggling to make money don’t have. The skill: They don’t fight their design – they follow it!

However, what’s even more intriguing to me are the amazingly gifted women I know who aren’t making the money they deserve using their abilities.

Why is this?

Because they aren’t following their own design – they are following someone else’s while fighting their own.

Should be easy enough to follow your own design, right?

Well that fear of being called “crazy” if they do follow their intuition and speak their truth is buzzing in their head.

And some of my clients have even been told by their own business coaches, “Oh, that idea won’t work. You can’t make money doing that.” (Those coaches are usually wrong by the way.)

Take my client, Denise Dee. Her coach told her, “Oh, you can’t make money helping people get in touch with their inner shadow and anger. Why don’t you become a business coach instead?”

Denise said, “Screw that!”

She came to work with me and I encouraged her to use every part of her design in her business. Not long after, she came up with a program that helped her clients get in touch with their rage in order to bust through their money blocks.

Talk about living her own design!

This is what I want to see happen for YOU!

So the question is…,

Are you going to live your life and design your business based upon YOUR OWN DESIGN? or fight against it and try to fit into somebody else’s?

I bet you’re “over it, right?!”

I might piss off some people in the coaching industry but here is the sad truth:
  • Only 20% of coaches earn over $20,000/year. Pitiful.
  • Only 20% of people who go through business coaching blueprints, programs, and step by step plans make any money at all.
For the other 80%, it just doesn’t work! But the coaches leading these programs celebrate their ‘stars’ – many of whom were already making good money before the program began so that ‘celebration’ is far from accurate. Those clients were already successful and will continue to be successful.
What is impressive is the person who feared stepping out on their own and making money from their gifts and they do it – by following their own design!
If you haven’t learned how to properly market your products and services and sell them using a style that WORKS FOR YOU and YOUR DESIGN, you are likely to continue to feeling bitter, angry, frustrated and disillusioned.
Now, the thing is… no one is at fault here. Most coaches teach their clients what worked for them. And it works for about 20% of their clients.

But what about the other 80%?!

Is this YOU? Are you looking for a better way to step into a business that “WORKS FOR YOU” rather than it working against you or you working for it endlessly with little to show for it? Does it seem like your business owns you and you still aren’t feeling prosperous or seeing the money in the bank?

And even IF you are in the 20% group which is “winning,” are you worn out, frazzled, tired, overwhelmed following someone else’s model?

Maybe you “hit your numbers” but now you want to “blow up your business” because your loved ones are pissed off at you for ignoring them, or you’ve gained 25 pounds from stress eating, or you have no time to think!
As you read this, what do you feel in your body and in your heart?
If you are even a little bit like me, you are a curious woman. You are a learner. You are intuitive, creative, and sensitive while also being driven and ambitious – and you like these qualities about yourself. You’ve achieved success in your life – but often at a cost – to your health, your relationships your finances.

If you are reading this letter, chances are high that:

  • You have been heavily conditioned by your family and education to be and act in certain ways that feel like ill-fitting clothing or even imprisonment.
  • You feel trapped, stagnant and stuck. You want to “be yourself” and follow your design, but are afraid of “what they will say.”
  • You’ve tried so many programs that you’ve lost count. You are bewildered as to WHY your success and fulfillment hasn’t unfolded as you’ve been told it would… that it would be easy, simple, “magic.” Well, if it were, you wouldn’t be frustrated right now. (People tend to like quick fixes, but history has shown people like lots of things that aren’t good for them!)
  • You still feel awkward asking people to pay you and receive the money you know you are worth.
  • You feel anger. Anger at the pain in the world, anger at the bullshit you see, anger at the false promises, anger at yourself for not being, doing or having “MORE.”
  • You feel in your bones there is a different way to show up and be a successful woman in business, but it feels difficult, confusing, overwhelming and scary.
  • You feel damaged, like a computer chip is missing or you didn’t get the memo on what it takes to succeed. There must be something wrong with you for there to be so much struggle and frustration

True Story: Just the other day, while writing this letter, a client came to me nearly in tears. She had blood shot eyes and a deep crease between her brow.

She said, “Baeth, I don’t get it. These younger people are making money and having fun and I still feel like I have to beg for the opportunity. And when I do share my ideas, nobody seems interested. What am I doing wrong? What is it that I don’t know?  I should be so much further along by now.”

I said, “What if you aren’t doing anything wrong? What if there is nothing wrong except you not recognizing how you are designed and working that design to your advantage?”

She was skeptical but seemed almost immediately relieved.

As we discussed her path from the viewpoint of the map in her hands, she realized she had to set up her business differently. Following the “just get out there and make it happen” approach was going to fry her circuits.

The approach of her unique design requires patience and setting up her environment so people can approach her for her guidance. She kept tossing out ideas to people who weren’t asking. Instead, she requires people to come to her to buy her ideas and invest in her wisdom and profound strategic skills.

Something even deeper is going on here though.
Why didn’t my client search for her design sooner?

Well, once you know your design, there is no turning back to the old ways of doing things. Making the change to a fully authentic way of doing business can be very scary.

Authentic success is an opportunity available ONLY to those who discover and commit to living their design.

Otherwise, you are working against yourself and your true gifts, aptitudes and the inherent ease that comes with being one’s self.

We hear that often, “Just be yourself.” But what does that really mean?

If you don’t really know who you are, “being yourself” feels impossible. So you keep searching for someone to tell you who you are and what to do. You give your power to someone else’s plan, design and blueprint. This just causes more frustration.

But maybe you like it that way? Then you don’t have to face the FEAR UNDERLYING the resistance.

Here are some of the common fears I see in the spiritual community about success:
  • If I’m successful, I’ll have to turn my back on those I love.
  • I can’t leave anyone… because I fear being abandoned. So I can’t “abandon” anyone else.
  • I have to stay in this dead-end relationship because I don’t want to be alone and I need the financial help.
  • I have to please mom and dad and stay in the family business or profession. If I break free, I am a traitor to the tradition.
  • I will be killed for speaking my truth. (Many clients report fears of being hung, beheaded and stoned to death. This is a big restriction to “being yourself,” yes?) I will be persecuted for living my dreams.
  • My sexuality is not “okay” and must be kept secret.
  • I feel guilt for being good at things and the jealousy others direct at me for having so many talents.
  • I can’t ask to be paid… I have to give everything away for free so that I prove my love-ability.
  • I can’t have a loving partner AND a successful business.
There are many more fears but the ones above are some I encounter most often with my clients.

“FEARS kept me stuck”

Let me share with you how some of these same fears kept me stuck and frustrated and what I did about it to get on with growing my business.

My name is Baeth Davis and back in ’97, I was working in a marketing job that paid decent wages but had limited potential for upward growth. When I proposed to my boss that I only work on commission, he said, “No, I can’t have you making more money than me.” That was my cue to exit.

During this time, I was going home from work and crying myself to sleep most nights, wondering if this was all there was – working at a job that was not my passion, paying my bills, drinking diet soda and waiting for my alien ship to arrive and take me to my home planet.

At one point, I hit such a low that I felt something was deeply wrong within me. I was depressed and having suicidal thoughts – which terrified me. I felt ashamed I couldn’t make money doing something I loved to do and I had no idea how to do it. I thought perhaps I had been born at the wrong time. I could see zero point to living if I wasn’t living from and for a spiritual purpose.

Pictured: Baeth Davis, Owner, The Hand Analyst, Inc.

Anatomy of the Spirit

During this depression, also called the ‘dark night of the soul,’ which I later came to understand as a spiritual crisis of meaning (“Who am I? Why am I here?”), I discovered a book by Caroline Myss called “Anatomy of the Spirit.” To this day, it is one of my favorite books and sits on my ‘resource shelf’ right next to my desk.

What most intrigued me about the book is that Myss discovered the chakra system in the body reveals patterns of thought, emotion and behavior that once harnessed could be managed; and if distressed, healed, through learning the language of the body. I read the book over and over again, allowing a deep shift in my consciousness to take hold.

When I came to the chapter on the 7th chakra (the crown area at the top of your head), Myss wrote the following: “Our goal while on this earth is to transcend our illusions and discover the innate power of our spirit. We are responsible for what we create, and we must therefore learn to act and think with love and wisdom and to live in service to others and all of life.”

I got down on my knees and prayed to be shown my life purpose, “God, Universe, whatever is out there, if you can hear me, please show me my life’s purpose. I promise you I will be your humble servant. Please help me.”

My Life’s Purpose

A few weeks later I was introduced to scientific hand analysis via a friend and the hand reader said to me, “Your life purpose is to be a spiritual teacher, speaker, healer and business owner.”

I was transfixed. My prayer had been answered. I was shocked by the speed. And excited at the possibilities.

It was the BEST thing I’d ever heard about myself, so I decided to believe it. What could it hurt? If I didn’t like the outcome, I could always return to my old ways. 

The BIG “C”

Even more exciting to me was that I discovered that the chakras mapped out in the body are also mapped out in the hands!

Over the years, I’ve used the wisdom of the chakra map to heal myself of various ailments, including breast cancer.


My recent cancer journey was the impetus for why I’m writing to you today. It awoke me to a deeper level of living authentically and bringing my new awareness into all of my life, most especially my business. I observed that my business reflects what is weak and what is strong inside of myself – and that help is available for the weak parts!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, I remembered the teachings from Caroline Myss that had given me direction in my late twenties – when I was deeply depressed, suicidal and lost – in my dark night of the soul, searching for my life’s purpose. I’ve never been introduced to Ms. Myss, having only brushed past her in a hallway after a tremendous presentation she gave over a decade ago. Absorbing her teachings and agreeing to allow them to guide me most likely saved my life.

In a direct way, I have Caroline Myss to thank for giving me the insight that saved my life – twice. As she is a healer and a teacher, I would say she is most definitely “on purpose” in her career.

Your Biography is your Biology


When I realized, standing in front of my bathroom mirror on a bright southern California day, that I had breast cancer, Myss’s phrase came into my mind: “your biography is your biology.”

Myss, who is modern day mystic and systems genius, discovered that many of the spiritual systems throughout history overlapped and created an energetic map of our biology. By using what she calls “symbolic sight” to observe our body’s ailments, decisions, behaviors and outcomes, we can uncover deep seated patterns of pain and pleasure and move into deeper alignment with our soul’s calling.

Our physical body is our first creation. The purpose of your body is to experience aliveness. Each choice in our life either brings us more aliveness or less aliveness. What outcomes are we experiencing from the decisions we make? Are these outcomes increasing vitality or decreasing it?

I am a deeply passionate and driven woman and I love feeling alive. So how was it that the part of my body designed to give and receive nourishment was dying?

As I stood looking at the tumor beginning to break through my skin, creating a bleeding sore, I got down on myself. “Baeth, what the hell? How did you ignore this for so long? How completely up your ass was your head?” I was really mad at myself because I felt deep inside I had made a wrong turn somewhere and couldn’t fathom how I had let my denial carry on for so long, especially since in my pride, I considered myself an “aware person.”

Ah, the arrogance of the ego!

After I settled down a bit and made an appointment at a breast center, I began looking inward and applied “symbolic sight” to my situation:

  • Why breast cancer and not some other type of cancer or dis-ease?
  • Why my right breast and not my left breast?
  • Why now in my life and not earlier?

I explored these questions first from the mental level. I got online and looked up “right and left breast, spiritual meaning.” I came across one opinion that said the right breast in a right-handed woman represents relationships with the men in her life. A light bulb went off.

The lump in my right breast appeared soon after I discovered my now-ex-husband went and hired an attorney without my knowledge. I was confused and hurt, thinking we’d come to an agreement in our arbitration meeting. I clearly had an issue regarding “contracts with loved ones.” The contract in my head wasn’t the one that was in his – and was now being served to me in writing.

When I think about it now, I could smash a case of wine goblets in the street (that’s my passion, now restored through my healing process). At the time, however, I couldn’t feel my anger. I felt shock and then numbness.

It occurred to me that the shock of that incident somehow scrambled my brain’s ability to communicate with the part of my body that represented the relationship with my husband – my right breast. A tumor began to form.

When I discovered the lump in 2010, I went in for a mammogram and was told after the exam that it appeared to be a cyst and not to worry about it. As I’d had issues with fibroids and cysts in my left breast, I forgot about it. Sort of.

Over time, the lump continued to grow. I felt no physical pain. A few friends who knew about it suggested I get it checked again but I thought to myself, “I’m not the type of person to get cancer. It’s just a very large cyst.”

It wasn’t until it reached nine centimeters and was being pushed out of my chest that I came out of my fog and decided it was time to heal – if healing was still possible. I had to face my fear of dying – as well as the relief that thoughts of death brought me. It was very clear to me that I had to find my boundaries, feel my anger and assert my power in order to heal. And not just personally, in my business as well.

My skin felt cold and I was very, very awake. I let go of several team members that were no longer serving the business for the highest good. I pulled out nearly every piece of paper I had and had all bills sent directly to me. I began doing deep forensics on my business… and it revealed a pattern of abdication, rather than delegation, that was its own shock.

This issue of “power give away” was the key pattern that contributed to the tumor. I ignored myself while attending to those around me. I worked hard for everyone else – my husband, my kids, my clients, my community but left myself to last. If I was late anywhere, it was usually to an appointment for myself, such as a massage or therapy. I was rarely late for others if they had an appointment with me.

“Once I get this done, then I can take a break.”

“Over-Giving Nearly Killed Me”

Maybe you can relate?

I want to be so bold as to say “over-giving nearly killed me.” This is significant as the breasts represent nurturing and giving. The breast overlay the heart and lungs. Over-giving, over-committing and over-doing seem to be chronic issues with the women I know.

Dis-ease as I’ve come to understand it is the result of long-standing patterns of giving away one’s power to things that don’t deserve nor need that power.


Lessons Learned…

Here is what cancer taught me:

  • Don’t do things you don’t want to do in terms of the big choices: love, work, marriage, children. Certain tasks, while repetitive and boring, are necessary. That’s not what I’m referencing here.
  • Enter into all agreements with thought, care and patience.
  • Renegotiate agreements that aren’t working or have gone stale.
  • Don’t let others run your life for you and set good boundaries.
  • Stop running yourself ragged to prove you deserve love or attention and face up to whatever messes in your life aren’t being faced. Give yourself that attention and all the attention you could ever want will flow back to you.
This sounds obvious. But for myself, it became very clear I was ambivalent about living. I had one foot here and the other foot in the after-life. A big part of me wanted to disappear, to leave. If you are struggling with a dis-ease, have you talked to the part of you that wants to die, that wants to leave? That conversation alone can be transformative to your perspective.

Basically, it comes down to personal responsibility for our choices.

My body (biology) was showing me – through experiences of both emotional sadness and physical dysfunction  – where I had lost the thread to the wisdom of my own soul (biography).

Today, I am so very grateful to be alive and to be well.

Biology of Business

What if this same concept – “your biography becomes your biology” – could be applied to your business?

What if there really is a “biology of business?!”

Meaning, what if our bodies also laid out a map or sequence for building an authentic business that resonates with each person’s unique design?

I took on the experiment of discovering the biology of my business over 15 years ago and what I’m sharing with you today is the result of my discoveries!


“What is the “biology of business?” you may be asking.

In simple terms, it’s understanding how energy or power runs through your body and harnessing this power to design, build and experience a business that “works for you”… rather than you working for it!

Your body actually provides a layered, step-by-step sequential map for designing a business that is authentic to you and for you.

The reasons I put this program together are two-fold:

  • I used this information to design my own business over 15 years ago and I credit it with helping me recover from cancer among many other beneficial outcomes.
  • So many of my clients are healers, spiritual teachers and artists with tremendous gifts to share who have tried various programs, “blueprints,” and masterminds with little success. They are frustrated and feel the problem must be them. Actually, the problem is that only 20% or so of people who follow someone else’s blueprint actually succeed. This dismal success rate is due to the fact that it is only you who can make your business work for you in the ways that YOU actually work! However, once you understand how your body lays out a map for designing your business, you begin to see where your strengths and weaknesses reside and thus, can build something that feels sustainable and pleasurable for you.
I mean, if it isn’t something you want to do, why would you do it? Well, you won’t.

I am heartbroken seeing so many gifted, ambitious women with so much to give unable to find the right systems and structures to bring their deep, profound work out into the world.

Additionally, if you are reading this, you are likely to enjoy doing transformative excavating work with your clients and thus, must be able to do that with yourself to the get to the root of what holds you back in any area of your life. This program provides you with a fun and self-reflective method to dig into what holds you back and experience new insights and strategies to move forward that resonate with your energy level, what of working and personal goals.

The Biology of Business™ Program

The chakra system is the “system” you will explore in The Biology of Business™ Program. This system is mapped out in your body and there is a micro-map of the chakra system in your hands. In this program, I will show you both locations of each chakra – in your body and in the map in your palms.

“Chakra” is the Sanskrit word for “spinning wheel.” Ancient Eastern teachers described these spinning wheels as energy centers in the body. The wheels aren’t visible as such, but symbolic of what each part of the body represents in your life.



For example, from the base of your spine down to your feet is the “root chakra.” Your lower body is the trunk and roots of the tree that is you. This part of your body represents the energy of family of origin and tribal belief, safety and security, the ability to rest and to manage your physical energy in a sustainable way during the day, weeks, months, and years of your life.

So, when we explore the first chakra (“root”), we will examine the “People” in your business: you, your team, your community and your extended support (vendors, affiliates, etc.). This is your business tribe.

The challenge for many people in creating a strong business team around them is they get stuck at chakra one, at the tribal level. They want supportive friends, family and a productive, effective team on their business but may find themselves saying things like: “I can’t get good help,” “No one stays with me long,” or “I hate training people.”

They are unable to escape the conditioning of their upbringing and repress their dreams and goals to fit in, to “belong.” Our need to belong is profound but the cost is great if we choose belonging over our own truth.

Our loyalty to our family of origin is sometimes beneficial as long as we are creating a new “family” as we move forward in our lives. What keeps many people stuck is trying to move forward while hanging onto “everyone” and trying to make sure everyone is happy with your decisions. The weight of carrying all these people becomes very strenuous and heavy over time. You can keep certain family members in your life if you want to, but you are not obligated to. You can choose who you spend your time and energy with. If you do not, it becomes more challenging to create a business on your own terms when there is so much tribal baggage and interference.

Therefore, the first step in designing a business that works for you is uncovering and deciding to resolve your family dramas, traumas and b.s. so you can move forward and create partnerships that are creative and life-giving.
The level of “Partnership” is next step in designing your authentic business as represented by the second or “sex chakra.” This progression is followed by the rest of the chakras.

The Chakras = Levels or Courses You Take to Awaken to Your True Self

As you move up the ladder or stair steps that the chakras provide you, you ascend into higher levels of self-awareness and access more power to make good decisions. It is our decisions that have the biggest impact on our life and the two biggest decisions we make are our work and our love life.

This program focuses primarily on your work and career.

My deepest wish for you is that you experience “right work for right pay.”

The Biology of Business Program will show you how to design a business that works for you based upon your own biology!

Harvard Business School puts out reports year after year that show between 70 and 80% of the work force in the modernized world is unhappy in their jobs. They are in the wrong positions at the wrong pay levels working in environments and on schedules that belong to someone else.

What is the cost to your happiness, peace of mind and physical well being when year after year you labor in the wrong job for the wrong pay? This is one of our most costly “mistakes” and it can be changed… if you have the courage to face yourself and choose to have a business based upon your design, not someone else’s.

The cost is high when we go against ourselves: financial frustration, poor health, disappointing work and relationships. Is this cost worth it or are you ready to take your power back?!

I would go so far as to say that the opportunity to have a business that works for you is ONLY available to you when you discover, trust and live your own design – NOT someone else’s!

This program won’t tell you what to do as a bossy command but it will show you how to do it YOUR WAY. It won’t tell you to get out there and “just do it” or that you must make yourself incredibly uncomfortable to create change. If you are reading this letter, chances are high you are already uncomfortable – frustrated, bitter, resentful, and confused by too much information, too many opinions and too little evidence of your success.

By discovering the source of this discomfort inside your own map, you can resolve it in your own way, in your own time.

It is so much EASIER to live your own design that to fight against it.

The choice is yours – are you going to fight against your design or embrace it?

With this program, you can:
  • Understand and explore how the chakra system operates in YOUR body so you can see your business strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly.
  • Enjoy rich video trainings, worksheets and supplemental content to help you go deeper into each chakra and self-examine how your conditioning and belief systems are either working for you or against you in your day to day life.
  • Harness the power of your incredible emotional, physical, mental and spiritual “bodies” to design a business that works for you in the way that YOU work.
  • Experience my support in weekly live calls so you can get you deepest questions answered.
  • Interact with the other group members so that you feel the juice of a like-minded community and create connections and support that further your business vision.
  • Complete the program with clear next steps for your business and new perspective about what is possible in your life when you free yourself from outmoded conditioning and begin to live from “symbolic sight.”
  • Experience change and insight NOW. You don’t have to wait anymore for the insight you crave. It’s right there – inside your design!

My hope is that this program provides you with a system to make and break your own rules, to create a life and business that brings you pleasure and soul satisfaction and most of all, to fall in love with your body, your design and ultimately, your soul.

Imagine what is possible when you are living from your design, by design:
  • You can pick and choose which mentors, programs and processes work for you easily and without strain so that you manage your time, energy and money in ways that support YOU.
  • You can easily say “yes” and “no” and feel confident in your decisions, so that you and others know exactly where you stand.
  • You can work a lot or work a little depending upon your own work style so that you aren’t in comparison with anyone else or anyone else’s results. Comparison and competition are the hallmarks of low self-worth and I want to help you toss these habits into the dust bin.
  • You will immediately know from the symptoms in your own body where change is needed by employing “symbolic sight.” For example, let’s say a migraine pops up (6th and 7th chakras) in the middle of a big creative project. You can ask yourself, “Where am I trying to control the process? Where would more trust and surrender be helpful?” Or let’s say you encounter a sore throat (5th chakra) right before going on stage. You can ask yourself, “Who do I need to become to step more fully into this message I am sharing?” “What truth needs to be proclaimed so I can fully claim my own voice?” Imagine being able to read the language of your body and emotions and interpret their messages so that you no longer feel like a victim at the mercy of circumstance. THIS is power. THIS is freedom. Life isn’t about being perfect – it’s about experiencing aliveness. When your body is sending you messages of pain, discomfort or emotional distress, it is saying to you, “Somewhere you are pinching off your aliveness. Re-activate your aliveness now!” This program will show you specific signs of distress in each chakra and what to do to reactivate each chakra to it’s fully alive potential.
  • Your presence will reflect your inner confidence and clarity so that people are easily drawn to you, allowing your business to grow without stress and strain. At this point in my business, people readily approach me to work with them without my advertising what I have available. They say to me, “I like your energy, magnetism and clarity.” “You have great vision and you can help me with my vision.” “You are a deep and emotional communicator. I want to learn this skill.” Imagine having people respond to you and how you are designed without you having to do or say very much at all? I credit the chakra teachings to help me develop my strengths and get support with my challenges.
If you have read this far, you might be saying, “Baeth, why should I take your word for it?”


Well, I would say, “What does your intuition say in your gut? Do you believe what I’ve shared? Does it ring true for you?”

I’ve owned my own business for 18 years. And I’ve been making good money in my business every year that I’ve been in business. I have a deep understanding about what creates true wealth and it’s not just about money, although money is a part of the process.

I put the focus on mastering my own unique design and talents and then charging what I’m worth and being able to receive it. I want to show you those skills in this program as well.

In these past 18 years, I’ve read over 7500 pairs of hands using scientific hand analysis. I’ve received shamanic training from shamans in the Ecuadorian rainforest, the Lakota Sioux tradition and teachers specializing in ancient European rituals. I am student of many other systems, including the Enneagram, astrology, numerology, the Tarot and human design. All of this knowledge filters into my understanding of the chakra map in your hands.

Additionally, I have generated millions of dollars through my business and have worked with thousands of clients all over the globe, both teaching scientific hand analysis and as a business mentor.

I would be honored to be your mentor if your soul is saying “yes.” (If your soul is not saying “yes,” then I am not the mentor for you. Unless you want deep transformation and are willing to face your own darkness and illusions, I’m not for you. I go deep and I go all the way because anything less is just dull and boring.)

Here are the Nine Modules of this Program and What You Can Hope to Expect:

Module #1 – Introduction: The Biology of Business

Using the Chakra System in Your Hands to Design a Business That Works for You in 90 Days or Less

Welcome to an approach to your business unlike most others you’ve taken. This is an opportunity to shape your business from the inside out, from your own biological design.

The introduction to the program introduces you to the concept of the “biology of business” and then walks you through the structure of the program so you can understand and prepare for what’s ahead.


Biology of Business Questions:

The Chakra System in Your Hands

This body system is also mapped out in your hands in a micro-map. Each chakra is a marking in the palms of your hands. In The Biology of Business Program, we will use the chakra map in your palms to determine where you are thriving in your business and where you need help, support and better systems and structures.

For example, if your life line in your hands (Chakra 1: The Root) is short, broken or appears to be unraveling like rope left too long underwater, this means something about how you handle your team and your business community. In determining how you are affected by tribal energy, you can get the support you require to build the team and community that aligns with your business vision and goals.

The 8 Chakra Lesson Modules:

After the introduction module, you will experience eight sequential modules on each of the eight chakras: root, sex, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown and aura and how these chakra energies can be harnessed to design a business that works for you.

I’ve assigned words beginning with the letter “P” to each chakra to help you remember what each level of development represents in your life. I chose the letter “P” because this letter vibrates to the energy of power and we are dealing with POWER and your ability to move POWER through your body and your life.

I’ve assigned words beginning with the letter “P” to each chakra to help you remember what each level of development represents in your life. I chose the letter “P” because this letter vibrates to the energy of power and we are dealing with POWER and your ability to move POWER through your body and your life.

After the introduction module, you will experience eight sequential modules on each of the eight chakras: root, sex, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown and aura and how these chakra energies can be harnessed to design a business that works for you.

I’ve assigned words beginning with the letter “P” to each chakra to help you remember what each level of development represents in your life. I chose the letter “P” because this letter vibrates to the energy of power and we are dealing with POWER and your ability to move POWER through your body and your life.

Chakra 1 Module: People (Root)

This is the energy of you, your team, your clients, and your tribe/community. Are you creating a business realm that is positive, engaging, and safe and secure for you and “your people?” When we say we want to “find our bearing” or “connect with our roots,” we are referencing this energy center.

We’ll explore where the root energy appears in your body and your palms. You will discover if your root is strong or needs shoring up. We’ll identify long-standing family patterns and what you can do to heal them so they aren’t interfering with your ability to move forward. We’ll explore your ideal client and ideal team members so you can start creating the right tribe for your business.

Chakra 2 Module: Partnerships, Products, Pricing, Profits (Sex)

This is the energy of moving outside your own personal business community to partner with others (vendors, other business owners, other communities) as well as partnering with yourself and your creativity to create products and services you can price and sell for a profit. This energy center is fundamentally about creation: creative output, sex, and money.

The second chakra is also where your intuition lives. In my 18 years as a business owner, the MAIN reason I see that healers, intuitives and spiritual teachers struggle financially is they’ve been told (usually as a child) that they are “crazy” when they speak the truth of their intuition, so they shut it down. If they ask to be paid for their gifts, they are saying “yes” to their intuition and this brings up enormous fears of punishment, rejection and shaming… so back into the closet the intuitive gifts go.

Let’s do something about this shall we? It’s TIME you got PAID for your intuitive gifts! We’ll explore ways you can do this in this module.

We’ll also begin looking at your business model and the best way for you to structure your business early in the program so that as you move up the levels of each chakra, you have a good sense of where you are going and what you are building.

Chakra 3 Module: Personal Power (Solar Plexus)

This is the home of your own inner agent, lawyer and advocate. It is the home of your warrior power. You are moving from an awareness of the tribe to an awareness of your partnerships to an awareness of yourself as individual. How are your boundaries? Your standards, tolerations, values, contracts? Are you advocating and protecting yourself? Are you practicing good self-care?


At this point in your journey, you are learning how to stand up for you and put YOU first. This program will show you how to do that more effectively in a way that honors you and your approach. We’ll also explore the need for solid agreements and contracts in your business and explore ways to put these in place so they are no longer overlooked. Contracts are necessary to protect you and the other party. I am shocked at how often this overlooked. I’ve been guilty of it myself. Many problems would have been avoided in my life had I put a simple written agreement in place.

If you aren’t clear on your terms, conditions and boundaries, your clients won’t be either. Let’s get this pivotal aspect of your business in place so you are not leaving yourself open to misunderstandings, conflict or worse.

Chakra 4 Module: Passion (Heart)

This is the heart center. It is the mid-point between the lower chakras which have a material/survival focus and the upper realms which are about finding your voice, your own philosophy and ways of organizing information and ultimately, your sense of faith and trust in yourself and the universe that created you.

As you begin to connect with your heart, a life review may unfold. Am I “on purpose” in my personal and professional life? Am I doing what I love with my work? Am I giving and receiving love in equal measure? Am I self-loving and self-forgiving?

In this module, we’ll look at ways to release old hurts and grievances so they are not festering in your heart, breasts, lungs and shoulders. The inability to forgive holds many of us back from moving forward. The key to remember is that forgiveness is primarily for YOU, not the other person.

As you clear out old emotional baggage, you can reconnect with your passions and desires and begin to put them back into your daily schedule.


The moment we stop dancing, singing, playing and teaching is the moment dis-ease has a chance to set in. By keeping our passions fully alive and activated, we stay “young at heart.” That simple cliché has more power than you may realize. In the United States, heart attack is the number one killer of men and women. Too much stress, anger and unfulfilled passion does a number on our hearts.

What is it costing you to NOT live your passions?

This module is your invitation to start playing again!

Chakra 5 Module: Pitch/Promotion (Throat)


This is the level of finding your voice. If you are unsteady in the lower chakra levels, finding your voice can be scary if not downright terrifying. Without a “solid foundation,” your voice lacks a sturdy platform to speak from.

You may perceive a cost to speaking your truth. When we speak truth, it can be polarizing. People around you may not like it. It is the initiation of your identity in the world as a separate, autonomous being. Your voice is the channel of manifestation!

By finding your voice in your business – your core story, pitch, promotion, and marketing – you can reach right people at the right time with the right “pitch.” Is your offer “on pitch” or “off pitch?” Are you telling the story of your darkness, pain, discoveries and triumph?

Hint: Your depth of truth is what people will pay the most for!

CORE STORY: In this module, I will take you through a process to find your core story and how to tell it in many different arenas (networking events, audios, videos, the stage and of course – the elevator!) so that you can engage the right prospects for your business.

STRATEGY SESSION: You will also discover how to deliver an amazing “strategy session” so you can easily enroll your ideal clients with a simple phone call.

Using your voice effectively is not negotiable in business. For most business owners, harnessing their voice and sharing their core story and marketing message are the beginning of true profitability.

Chakra 6 Module: Plan (Third Eye)

Your PLAN is your business VISION. Vision may elude you if the chakras below your third eye are not lining up in cooperation. Until you know who to serve, how to serve and when to serve, the vision lacks grit and gumption. It has nothing to serve and therefore, nothing to stick to.

As you claim your vision, whether it’s to create the lifestyle you most desire, a worldwide training company or something else, your chakras begin to align and your power expands.

A person walking through the world committed to their vision is a powerful person indeed. Without saying a word, people will feel your power and commitment. Can you see how necessary it is to find the right people, products, partnerships, personal power, passion, and promotion to support your PLAN? When you are committed to the chakras leading up to the plan, the plan can unfold in an authentic and exciting way.


In this module, we will revisit the business models we studied in Chakra One so you can see the connection between your Plan (Chakra 6) and your People (Chakra 1). Do you like working one-to-one best or do you want to create a worldwide empire with thousands of employees? Discovering the model that works best for YOU will go a long way to help you create the lifestyle and impact you desire from your business.

The more you use the knowledge of each chakra in your business, the more you see how they interact on a daily basis in your business and life in general.

You will be getting clear on your next steps so that you can incorporate all you’ve discovered so far from the previous chakras:

  • Your ideal client (and where to find more of them!)
  • Your ideal team members
  • Your ideal community/tribe
  • Your product offerings
  • How to price your products and services
  • How to sell your products and services
  • Setting up solid boundaries, standards and contracts
  • Incorporating your passions into your business and FREE time!
  • Activating your VOICE so you can tell your core story, give your pitch from the stage and convert prospects into customers/clients through an effective sales process
  • Now we come to the plan… if you’ve made it this far, you’ll know where the gaps are in your business approach and what to tune up as well as what’s working and how to amplify it!

Chakra 7 Module: Purpose (Crown)

The top of your head (where your crown sits) is the gateway to the world outside of your skin. This infinite expanse of space and matter is taking cues from you and giving information to you every day through your experiences. Your experiences continually reflect your relationship to yourself. The more you are aligned with yourself, the more your experiences empower, expand and enliven you.

Remember that the purpose of your body is to experience more and more ALIVENESS. Anything that brings you more aliveness brings you to your purpose and anything that deadens you takes you away from your purpose.

To access the infinite wisdom available to you through your crown chakra, you must continually release what is dead and gone, bring your focus into the present moment and give thanks for all that exists here now, in reality. Your reality is your greatest teacher. Look at your reality and you will see what you believe in and where you put your faith. Allow YOUR LIFE to come in!


And, as you give your power to your own biology FIRST before giving it to anyone or anything else, your business can flourish as it is aligned first and foremost with you and your design, not someone else’s.

In this module, we will look at what faith and trust mean for you and how to increase your ability to trust and surrender so that life can come to you rather than you having to chase after it!

Chakra 8 Module: Prosperity (Aura)

Chakra 8 is the energy ring around your body, created by the aliveness of your body. The MORE alive your body, the stronger this ring of energy.

Your aura is the heat you can feel from someone else’s body even if you aren’t touching. The further the bodies move away from one another, the less this personal field or “aura” can be felt.

The aura carries the energy of your other seven chakras. Your prosperity therefore is in the total energy that others feel when they interact with you. For example, if you are grumpy about a task, that will produce different results than being committed and resolute in your objectives.

The more we recognize the energy we communicate in the way we walk, talk, dress, speak and interact, the more powerful we become in creating the life we desire. This is real prosperity because prosperity includes money but is much more than money.

Prosperity is ultimately the amount of energy or aliveness that we can harness and direct that allows you to create and experience a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.


“Are YOU Ready to Bring this ALIVENESS into Your Business?”

What Our Clients are Saying about Baeth and The Biology of Business…

Michelle Dawnn
visionary coach

Baeth Davis will literally knock your socks off with her knowledge and exceptional hand analysis skills! I had come to a place in my life where I needed validation that I was heading in the right direction, that my career choice was aligned with my purpose and that my intuitive thoughts where serving me well. After one session with Baeth, my whole out attitude and perspective about my life choices had drastically changed for the better. It was like talking to an old friend who had known me for years and understood each aspect of my life.

I was fascinated by how much she knew about me and how masterful she was at guiding me to make clear choices and take positive action. She knew nothing about me—yet in a matter of seconds, she confirmed who I am on the inside and out. I’ve since had a second session and once again, she was right on the money and the reading was extremely relevant to what’s going on in my life right now! Do take this opportunity to connect with Baeth as she lovingly helps you embrace your natural born gifts so you can live a more joyful and purposeful life. Being connected to such a divinely connected soul has been a true blessing. I’m hooked and know you will be too!

Rachel Resnick
writing mentor

Experiencing Baeth in an intimate group is fiery, fierce, fun AND fundamental. The way you narratively and financially re-frame people’s businesses, and pinpoint their purpose through their hands — plus your powerhouse intuition — is nothing short of astonishing. And, it’s priceless. Bow down. Am feeling the shift…and the possibility in my hands. And [my] being…

Katharine Dever
Katharine Dever
writer & transformation expert

Few words can describe the profound effect meeting Baeth Davis had on my life. If you have been drawn to getting support from her I would urge you to trust your intuition and just do it. When I met Baeth I was like a lost child. All I saw was light and it had blinded me. She helped me get back in my body, own my power, step up and realise my life purpose, not only that she helped me to make money doing what I love. She changed my life in a few minutes at an event, supported me through a time of crisis, and then was with me all the way as a mentor at my side lovingly and wisely offering her support and guidance and gifts of insight, intuition and unconditional love when I needed it most. Now, a marriage, two babies and 4 years in business later I am honoured to still call Baeth my friend and a guide and teacher to me. I adore her, who she is and her fierce courage in this life. She is living her purpose to help women like you to rise and break free. If you have heard a call to work with her, just do it. Baeth I am forever in gratitude to your huge heart and wise soul.”

Introducing The Biology of Business

In 90 days or less, by following the nine modules presented in this program, you will walk away with a business design based upon your biological design!

Will you join me?

How it works:

  • Starting in late July 2016, a module of content will be released at the beginning of each week. You will receive a notification that the content is now “live” and ready for you to explore. The content typically includes a live video, worksheets and sometimes audio.
  • Later that week, you’ll have a LIVE Q&A call with me to explore your discoveries from the content and to take your questions. I am allowing a lot of time for these calls depending upon how many people have questions.
  • We will have a secret Facebook group for everyone to connect and participate.

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