Jill Raff on The Rant with Baeth Davis

I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve had a bad customer service experience.

My guest today, Jill Raff, helps businesses increase their repeat customers and positive business reviews by teaching them how to provide a fabulous customer experience.

As the author of Transforming Transactions Into Interactions, Jill’s obsession with the customer experience reaches a new level. She has created the Proprietary Seven Pillar Process for a Customer Experience Transformation™ and is dedicated to helping businesses understand how their customers become their marketing sales force.

Jill has been trained in the highest levels of world-class service delivery across many industries. She has worked in several 5-star restaurants and participated in recipe development and food styling for various cookbooks, magazines, and TV programs.

You’ll absolutely love hearing from Jill on today’s show!


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“The main key to success is caring more about the customer as a person and meeting their needs and solving their problem than it is to sell something to them.” – Jill Raff

Show Notes:

  • Why restaurants have bad customer service
  • How to create a great company culture
  • Why you should get clear on your business values
  • Hiring tips
  • Why people struggle with money
  • What customers want
  • How to treat your employees

“The customer comes first because without any customers there is no reason for a business to exist.” – Jill Raff

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“It drives me crazy when I find these businesses who aren’t making sure that each and every customer, each and every time, is treated and pampered.” – Jill Raff