Dr. Jen Furcht on The Rant with Baeth Davis

My guest today, Dr. Jen Furcht, joins me on today’s show to talk about why you might be resisting deep healing work within yourself.

Known to some as the “Indiana Jones of Spirituality”, Jen has traveled the world and she has learned how to integrate both eastern and western aspects of healing.

Dr. Jen Furcht is a Master of BioEnergy and an intuitive coach. Listen in as she brings her expertise and amazing insights to today’s show.

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“In your body is your power. And that is also where your potential is, and another level of consciousness really.” – Dr. Jen Furcht

Show Notes:

  • Why you are resisting doing the deep healing work within yourself
  • How we create our own blocks
  • Why mind-body breath is important
  • How breathing techniques can influence your biochemistry
  • What are common trends among entrepreneurs
  • What is our true power

“You’re giving your own body information of pain, depression, whatever it is. We are a response system.” – Dr. Jen Furcht

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“Our personal power is what drives us.” – Dr. Jen Furcht