Craig Filek on The Rant with Baeth Davis

We are living in such a JUICY time period, and on today’s show Craig Filek talks about being a “woke” man in today’s society.

Craig is the founder and creator of Purpose Mapping, and he has over 20 years of experience in deep inner work. He developed Purpose Mapping to bring his own life into alignment after walking away from a seven-figure business and what he THOUGHT would be his ideal life.

Tune in to today’s show as Craig rants about teaching men how to be their best selves, dating tips, why women need to know about how important a man’s contribution is, and much more.


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“We’ve emasculated men and we’ve put them into this quasi-space where they’re not really sure how to be men. Because they don’t want to be jerks, but they don’t know how to be powerful men making a powerful contribution.” – Craig Filek

Show Notes:

  • What is contribution
  • Why heterosexual women date women
  • What is the purpose of the news
  • How can men access their true potential
  • What’s the difference between fear and anxiety
  • How to make a positive impact in your life
  • Why meditation is important
  • Tips for single women
  • What standards women should have for men

“Find something that you’re willing to die for and give yourself wholly to it.” – Craig Filek

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Facebook  | Twitter | Purpose Mapping

“People are so afraid to push children to be who they can be.” – Craig Filek

Tisha Morris on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today we talk about how to set up your environment to support your life with bestselling author Tisha Morris.

Besides being an incredibly accomplished author, Tisha is a feng shui expert, trained interior designer, life coach, and yoga instructor! She is the founder of the Earth Home School of Feng Shui and the host of the Feng Shui Your Life podcast.

In addition to creating the Smudge Spray, Tisha has a new book coming out called The Clutter Intervention: How Your Stuff is Keeping You Stuck.

I think you’ll love today’s show and Tisha’s amazing and practical advice about decluttering your life.

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“Once you realize the ‘why’, then the ‘how’ is easy.” – Tisha Morris

Show Notes:

  • What are people’s relationships with clutter
  • Tips for getting rid of things
  • Why we have emotions around STUFF
  • What is sitting in the power position
  • How can you arrange your workspace for maximum productivity
  • What does feng shui say about clutter
  • The history of feng shui

“Be your own detective about yourself. What is it you’re really holding on to?” – Tisha Morris

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TISHA MORRIS

“It’s about loving ourselves beyond perfection, and so our home just mirrors that.” – Tisha Morris

Kitty Waters on The Rant with Baeth Davis

My guest today is Kitty Waters, is an inspirational and motivational speaker and a well-known coach, consultant, and mentor.

Kitty is the co-creater of the Network for Transformational Leaders.  She launched her podcast “Kitty Talks” in 2017, and Kitty is Reiki master and NLP practitioner.

On today’s show, Kitty rants about dharma… Tune in to learn more!

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“You know really we should be finding our highest excitement in every given moment. It is like a compass to our purpose. It is like a compass to our soul.” – Kitty Waters

Show Notes:

  • Why you should stop being numb
  • What is dharma
  • How do you find good dharma
  • Why discovering your purpose is important
  • What is the dharma way
  • Why are decisions important

“I always knew that there was more to life than I could see. And I always knew that there had to be more than the experience that I was having, because I felt so empty.” – Kitty Waters

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 Twitter | Kitty Waters

“It’s learning to live more in flow, rather than pushing all the time.” – Kitty Waters

Norah Dykema The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today, my guest Norah Dykema focuses on a very strange, sensitive, and disturbing topic – reptilian attacks.

Norah has been under an excruciating reptilian (alien beings) attack since June of this year (2017). They have affected many parts of her life, and she can feel the attacks physically.

Because of her work with energy, Norah is highly aware of energy shifts. She is an energy healer who mixes Scientific Hand Analysis, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, Tesla Metamorphosis, and Elemental energies, as well as other energy healing, to facilitate immediate and profound shifts for her clients.

On today’s show, Norah teaches us about reptilians and reptilian attacks. She also shares her personal experience and how you can protect yourself from reptilian attacks.

I think you’ll find this episode fascinating.

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“When I’m getting attacked, the bigger thing that I hear is my ear chakras. And I actually just found out over the last couple of days that ET attacks can be heard in the ear chakras.” – Norah Dykema

Show Notes:

  • What are reptilians
  • Where do reptilians come from
  • Why do reptilians depend on humans for food
  • What are the different types of reptilians
  • How do reptilians control humans
  • What do reptilians look like
  • Why spiritually ascending can protect you

“There is nothing more powerful than a human who is aligned with their purpose in life and their true self.” – Norah Dykema

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Facebook| Twitter | Nora Dykema

“I’m very astute at energy, and he’s done so many energy healings on me in the past that I KNOW what this is.” – Norah Dykema

Dan Hanneman on The Rant with Baeth DavisMoney has become one of the all-consuming concerns of people globally, it’s almost as if our life is all about money and this is destructive. My guest on the show today, Daniel Hanneman, is here to talk about Money Shadows.

Dan has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist with combined business and professional backgrounds in energy and spirituality. He has touched thousands of lives through his personal work with individuals, speaking to groups, and writings.

Dan is the creator of the Money Shadows Program which helps people unleash their hidden power. He is also the co-author of the book, Wake Up Live The Life You Love – Living In Abundance and the host of his show Spiritual RockStar Radio.

Today we talk about what Money Shadows are, how they are impacting you, and some tips on what you can do about them.

Enjoy the show!

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“Money is a total mirror of our own consciousness and our energy. So when we’re looking at money and when we’re talking about money, it’s almost exactly the same thing we are saying about our life. It’s the same type of dialogue.” – Dan Hanneman

Show Notes:

  • What are Money Shadows
  • How do energy clearings work
  • What are the most common Money Shadows
  • How can you turn your weakness into your strength
  • What’s the difference between masculine and feminine energies
  • What are energy clearings
  • The importance of understanding your strength
  • What are ying and yang energies

“When they actually answer that calling, you know the calling that is there within that shadow, it actually has been a gift all along. They just never knew it.” – Dan Hanneman

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Facebook | Twitter | Academy For Invincible Healers