Noah Hammond Tyrrell on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today’s show is all about why you can’t find good help and how to create a great team with my guest, Noah Hammond Tyrrell.

Noah is a high-performance coach for entrepreneurs, and he empowers entrepreneurs to scale their business and their happiness at the same time. He’s built several six and seven figure businesses using his methods.

Stay tuned to hear more from Noah about how to build your dream team and hire the help that makes your business succeed in the way you’d always wanted.

Listen in for a special gift that he offers at the end of this show.


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“This is about giving your team space to be genius. Giving them things to drive and a knowingness that their visions and desires for their own personal life are going to be met by them driving the visions and desires of the company as a unit.” – Noah Hammond Tyrrell

Show Notes:

  • How the “lone wolf” capacity can be valuable
  • What you are getting out of NOT having an amazing team
  • Why you should have a system for hiring people
  • Why you want your employees to feel ownership over their work
  • How can you empower your company
  • Why you should hire genius people
  • Who will thrive long-term in this world?
  • How to write job descriptions to attract your ideal employee

“When we give people the ownership, we also take off the micro-managing.” – Noah Hammond Tyrrell

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“Even though I consciously said ‘I want to hire support. I really do want the help.’ Unconsciously, I was still adamantly blocking help from coming into my work.” – Noah Hammond Tyrrell

LoriAnne Reeves on The Rant with Baeth DavisToday’s show is all about SALES!!! My guest, LoriAnne Reeves, is a sales expert. She helps her clients close more sales and experience a fast breakthroughs.

LoriAnne’s experience as an entrepreneur, a licensed therapist, and a top sales rep for a Fortune 100 company brings an insightful perspective. She combines her expertise in psychology and sales to expose some root issues about WHY YOUR SALES SUCK.

LoriAnne speaks to crowds across the United States and Canada sharing her wisdom and helping entrepreneurs improve their sales.

On today’s show, we talk about the best ways to close sales, the psychology behind making a sale, best sales techniques, and much more.

I think you’ll love the show!

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“Don’t make it about you, make it about the person who is in front of you.” – LoriAnne Reeves

Show Notes:

  • Why are people afraid of sales
  • How to close sales
  • Why manipulative sales techniques are harmful
  • How to improve your sales techniques
  • What are the benefits of having better sales
  • Why is there so much fear around sales

“The dream is great, but you have to buy the results that get you a plan that get you to your dream.” – LoriAnne Reeves

Common Fears Around Sales:

  1. Fear of being unable to take care of the family
  2. Not wanting to show people up
  3. Fear that ‘I am not capable’

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  • Get your assessment with LoriAnne by emailing her at
  • Connect with LoriAnne Reeves:

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“You have to really go into a sales conversation knowing that the outcome is not too dear to your heart.” – LoriAnne Reeves

Ali Brown on The Rant with Baeth with Baeth Davis

I have a very special guest for you today, Ali Brown! Ali is a wonderful friend of mine, and she is also my business coach.

Ali is one of the most recognized entrepreneur coaches in the world. She built a coaching and consulting enterprise that ranked in the Inc. 500 List of fastest growing companies in the nation. She has been recognized by Forbes, Ernst and Young, and United Nation Foundation Global Accelerator for her incredible work as an entrepreneur.

Ali has also been featured on Secret Millionaire, CNN, and she has over 250,000 followers on social media and her podcast, Glambition Radio.

I’m super excited to have her on the show today. Listen in as we talk business myths, the internet, and doing the work you are designed to do.

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“You want to be respected versus liked.” – Ali Brown

Show Notes:

  • How to take your business online
  • Why you are doing what you are doing
  • How social media devalues work
  • Why being liked isn’t important
  • When to walk away from traditional business models
  • What are non-traditional business models
  • How to deal with attrition issues
  • Benefits of having a smaller team
  • How to build your business
  • What to prioritize in your business
  • The importance of trusting yourself
  • How women leaders are different to male leaders
  • Why you’re LUCKY!
  • What are the miracles you’ve had in your life

“Any person who has done great things in their lifetime, and stepped into extraordinary impact in the world, has had haters.” – Ali Brown

3 Tips from Ali Brown:

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Focus on being respected rather than liked
  3. Be in touch with your spiritual strength or faith

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“If you’re just doing it to do it, and you’re killing yourself in the process, I want you to stop and think about why you’re doing it.” – Ali Brown