Debbie Unterman on The Rant with Baeth Davis

My guest today, Debbie Unterman, is an author, speaker, transformational game inventor and Master Alchemist.

Her game, Game of Clarity (where people play their way through their issues), has amazed hundreds with its accuracy and miraculous abilities.

Debbie is the author of the textbook and self-help book, Talking to My Selves: Learning to Love the Voices in Your Head. She is at the top of her field in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, which is a process Debbie has practiced since it started in 1983.

Today Debbie rants with me about feminism, but we also talk about the recent February 14th, 2018 shooting and how to healthily deal with PTSD and trauma.


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“The body will tell you what’s wrong. Listen to your body. Make a metaphor out of it.” – Debbie Unterman

Show Notes:

  • How feminism has shifted over time
  • What’s wrong with the phrase “violence against women”
  • Why “me too” is important
  • How to heal from sexual abuse
  • What are triggers
  • Why stuffed animals are helpful for emotional release
  • What can you do to overcome PTSD

“There is no instinct for self-love.” – Debbie Unterman

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