Adam Lamb on The Rant with Baeth DavisCan a man truly open his heart without losing his balls? We explore that question with my guest today, Adam Lamb.

Adam is The MANifesto Man, an international best-selling author and relationship guide for men, assisting them to get their balls back and reconnect with their authentic masculine power.

He hosts a weekly live video show, ‘The Morning MANifesto’ on YouTube and Facebook, as well as a monthly podcast, ‘MANifesto Radio’. Adam’s published works include Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, Profanity & Its Proper Use, and An Initiated Man, Finally. His newest work, ‘Circle Jerk: Lessons of Manhood My Father Never Taught Me’ is due out summer of 2019.

Listen in to today’s show to hear more about Adam Lamb’s story, how men can be transformed, and the importance of doing your inner work.

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“At some point, the dark king is necessary. Surely not as much as the light king, but certainly all aspects are called for in a full life.” – Adam Lamb

Show Notes:

  • Thoughts on Anthony Bourdain’s death
  • Why we’re addicted to being happy
  • How men act around other men
  • What are men’s meetings
  • How men can be transformed
  • The importance of doing your inner work

“I’ve done so many screwed up things in so many relationships, that there is hardly anything that anyone could tell me that would actually shock me. – Adam Lamb

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