Hollee Howden on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today we talk about The Soul of Work with my guest, Hollee Howden.

Hollee is a Speaker, Leadership Coach and Organizational Development Consultant committed to being a catalyst in the transformation of our work-lives and workplaces. She is also the author of How to Love Your Job: Career Success from The Inside Out.

After thirty years of experience working with individuals on discovering who they are at a deep level and helping them live their purpose and express their gifts, Hollee has come to the conclusion that we can no longer afford to operate in environments that are stripped of humanity and soul.

She talks all about that how and why work influences us the way it does, and how we can change our relationship with work to make it a meaningful part of our lives, on today’s show.

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“Work is an act of creation. It is creating value for yourself and for those you serve.” – Hollee Howden

Show Notes:

  • Why work is important
  • What’s the relationship between work and anxiety
  • Why your employees are apathetic
  • What is unconscious capitalism
  • Why you hate your job
  • How to find your purpose
  • Where does motivation come from
  • Why relationships are important
  • How to treat your employees

“We need to evolve what we expect from the workplace since most of us are spending the majority of our time connected to work, we need to expect more.” – Hollee Howden

Links Mentioned:

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“The workplace is not about making good workers, it is also about making good human beings who also happen to do their best work…and that’s critical.” – Hollee Howden

Today is a solo rant episode!

Join me as I talk about the boredom emergency.

So often I see that people are SO bored that they develop bad habits to occupy themselves.

We live in an addicted society, and I think it’s because people don’t know who they are.

In this solo rant episode, I talk about the problems with boredom, numbing our feelings, and how to find some solutions.

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Rant with Baeth!


You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And be sure to leave me a Rating and Review!

“What happens in the addictive process is it represses your emotions and it makes you incompetent at feeling them.” – Baeth Davis

Show Notes:

  • What were you designed to do
  • Why social media is numbing
  • How addiction is a cultural issue
  • Why do so many people hate their job
  • What is the work that my soul wants to do
  • Why am I here
  • How to have a healthy relationship with money
  • Why is there so much addiction in our culture
  • What is common sense
  • Why social media is numbing
  • How to love your body
  • Why it’s important to feel your feelings
  • Where to find emotional support

“I’ll tell you what… Feeling your feelings won’t kill you… it will NOT kill you. NOT feeling them can kill you, through addiction and repression of emotions.” – Baeth Davis