Jean Nadeau on The Rant with Baeth Davis

My guest today, Jean Nadeau, is a good guy at first site, but when it comes to personal development HE KICKS BUTT!

Not a day passes without him making people feel very uncomfortable with the unsavory aspects of their lives. People call on Jean to help them change, because THEY KNOW that they need to. He prides himself in telling them what they NEED TO HEAR.

Jean is the hulk of personal development in Quebec, Canada. He is a professional speaker and writer who is very popular among the french speaking. Jean also has his own weekly radio show.

Today Jean calls in from Canada for this interview. I think you’ll really enjoy the show!

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“Don’t take advantage of this great life that was given to you. Make it great!” – Jean Nadeau

Show Notes:

  • Why the f-word is so bad
  • What is the number one key to success
  • Why “fine” isn’t enough
  • How to stop being stuck
  • Why are people stupid and lazy
  • Why people aren’t having enough sex
  • What is so scary about responsibility
  • Why do people struggle with money

“What’s in it for you if you’re lazy and stupid and don’t do whatever you need to have a better life? Why would you live?” – Jean Nadeau

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“Don’t think too much, and get off your ass and take action. I think action is the antidote of fear.” – Jean Nadeau

Larry Winget on The Rant with Baeth

Today I’m super excited to have Larry Winget as a guest on the show. Larry is a New York Times best selling author, and you may of heard him, or seen him on television.

Larry is the author of Grow A Pair as well as five other New York Times best selling books. Larry has also been on Dr. Phil, The Today Show, as well as other television shows and specials.

Larry’s latest book has just been released called, What’s Wrong with Damn Near Everything.

Today Larry talks about the book and it’s focus on the collapse of core values.


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And by the way, that whole – do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, the way you said you would do it – that’s all anybody wants. That’s all I want from my employees, that’s all my employees ever want from me.” – Larry Winget

Show Notes:

  • Is everyone opinionated?
  • The importance of building a life around core values
  • Concerns that parenting is getting worse
  • Why imposing consequences is important
  • How to be a better parent
  • What are internet balls
  • What it means to have a commitment, to our commitments
  • Breaking commitments is BAD!
  • What it means to be a liar
  • Why keeping your word is important
  • What are basic core values
  • Why selling is important for growing your business
  • How success can be detrimental

“Realize that success is your biggest enemy. When you become successful, that is when you become lazy.” – Larry Winget

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“If we hold honesty as a core value, why do we lie regularly ourselves when it comes to why we’re late, or why we don’t want to go some place?” – Larry Winget