Barry Selby on The Rant with Baeth Davis

I’m so excited to have Barry Selby with me on today’s episode of The Rant.

As the bestselling author of the book 50 Ways to Love Your Lover, Barry Selby is a sought-after inspirational speaker and relationship attraction expert that helps women improve their ROMANTIC LIFE.

With over 30 years of training and experience, including a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and 17 years as a spiritual counselor, he has helped thousands learn to love themselves and live in wholeness.

On today’s show, we talk all about the DIVINE FEMININE, #MeToo, the Kavanaugh case, politics, how a man can understand divine feminine energy, climate change, the end of the world and more.


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“She was putting her wishes and hopes in somebody else which would never get delivered, so she would always be in a place of loss.” – Barry Selby

Show Notes:

  • What happened with the Kavanaugh case
  • How men can understand the divine feminine
  • What is the best dating advice
  • How to succeed in a relationship
  • Should sex changes happen early in life?
  • Why self love is essential to loving someone else

“When we become fully owning our love in who we are, any relationship we attract is adding to that, not filling a gap.” – Barry Selby

3 tips to improve the quality of intimacy in relationships:

  1. Love yourself
  2. Make peace with anything in the past that gets in the way of your love
  3. Follow your heart’s guidance

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“I didn’t have a clue for all of those years up to that point how I had messed up every relationship that I’d had, and now I know what works and teach it to other people.” – Barry Selby

Devin Galaudet on The Rant with Baeth DavisMy guest today, Devin Galaudet, is an incredible travel blogger and author whose goal is to marry his wife 100 times in 100 countries.

Devin is also the Editor-in-Chief of In The Know Traveler and has visited 85 countries around the world. He has appeared on FOX, NBC, Reinvention Radio, among others. His writing can be seen the Huffington Post, TravelAge West, Two Hawks Quarterly, the Citron Review, Turkish Airlines: Skylife Magazine and others.

Devin’s memoir, 10,000 Miles with my Dead Father’s Ashes, will be available and make you cringe in bookstores everywhere September 18, 2018, which answer the question, what do you do when you lose your father’s ashes.

On today’s show, we rant about his new book, and he gives us amazing love advice while arguing that women are smarter than men.


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“I think across the board, women are more likely to build communities and work together and strive towards unity.” – Devin Galaudet

Show Notes:

  • What to do when you lose your father’s ashes
  • Why women are better than men
  • What cult idolizes the number 12
  • How to create change in your life
  • Dating advice
  • How to get married in another country
  • Why asking questions is important

“I think it is my job to be her soft landing.” – Devin Galaudet

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Facebook | In the Know Traveler | Twitter | Devin Galaudet

“Most of the things we do to effectively change our lives are long slow, slow things.” – Devin Galaudet

Carol Allen on The Rant with Baeth DavisI’m so excited to have Carol Allen as the guest on today’s show!

Carol is a happily married Vedic astrologer and relationship coach, who’s mission is to empower women to enjoy their love lives.

She’s been featured in many TV shows and books, and Carol is the author of Love Is In The Stars – The Wise Woman’s Astrological Guide To Men.

Carol and I rant about how to stop defending your misery because it is screwing up your life. And she gives awesome tips about how to go after your dreams and improve your romantic life.

I think you’re going to love this episode!

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“People defend their misery by not deciding to commit to their dream.” – Carol Allen

Show Notes:

  • How can you improve your dating life
  • What is internal work
  • How can you rewire your thoughts
  • What should you do with astrological information
  • How to find the right romantic person for you
  • Why it’s important to have faith in uncertainty
  • How to have faith in your dream
  • Why it is important to be intentional about dating
  • How to become successful
  • How to know if you should stay in a relationship

“You want to have a great life? You’ve got to really show up.” – Carol Allen

How to find the love you desire:

  1. Commit to the dream of the love you desire
  2. Be in it to win it
  3. Pre-qualify
  4. No toleration for bad behavior
  5. Believe in your dream

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