Lisa Manyon on The Rant with Baeth Davis

Today, we are going to talk all about MARKETING with my guest, Lisa Manyon.

Lisa is The Business Marketing Architect and President of Write On Creative. She pioneered the simple 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” framework to create marketing messages with integrity with a focus on PASSION points instead of pain points.

Her content strategy plans are known to help create million-dollar results. Lisa’s philosophies are featured in Inc. Magazine, and multiple #1 international bestselling books including Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save the World.

On today’s show, Lisa gives us some extremely practical and healthy marketing techniques. I think you’ll love it.

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“Don’t just try to sell people off the bat, though. This is the place where people get stuck.” – Lisa Manyon

Show Notes:

  • What are common marketing myths
  • How to make sales without being sales-y
  • Why fear-based marketing is bad
  • How to build community through marketing
  • Great marketing techniques
  • How to market to your ideal clients

“Within your solution what you want to do is tell stories, illustrate case studies, talk about results that you’ve actually gotten for clients, and then you are basically equipping people with the information that they need to do business with you.” – Lisa Manyon

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“Be true to you. Stop listening to all the hype and dig into what you really want to achieve and find the right people to help you do it.” – Lisa Manyon

Steve Olsher on The Rant with Baeth DavisToday we are going to rant about marketing strategies that DON’T WORK (and a great one that does) with my guest, Steve Olsher.

Known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert, Steve is famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their “WHAT” (or the ONE THING that they were created to do).

Steve is an extremely successful entrepreneur and the author of the New York Times Bestseller What Is Your WHAT?. He’s also the author of the Business Technology Book of the Year, Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online and the host of the #1 rated podcast called “Reinvention Radio”.

Tune in as Steve brings amazing marketing insights to today’s show!


You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And be sure to leave me a Rating and Review!

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“Just getting out of your own head is the most important thing to get started. That simply means, forget about the money for a minute and just go out and share your expertise in a very selfless way and you’ll be amazed what happens.” – Steve Olsher

Show Notes:

  • How to invest in marketing
  • Why podcasting is great for marketing
  • How to get better at delegating
  • Why you should show your inadequacies
  • What is the “What is Your WHAT?” framework
  • Why visibility is important
  • Why you should be a guest on a podcast

“Really do think about what truly puts fire in your soul. Because the reality is that you are naturally wired to excel in very specific ways.” – Steve Olsher

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“The reality is that you are the solution to someone else’s problem.” – Steve Olsher