Welcome to another episode of The Rant with Baeth.

Today, Ellen Lee joins me on the show to talk about allergies, and how you might be allergic to YOUR LIFE.

As an energy healer, certified law of attraction coach, author, and comedian, Ellen is an expert in clearing allergies.

She incorporates both right and left sides of the brain into her practice.

Listen in as we talk about improv, politics, allergies, chakra clearing, and more on today’s show.


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“Everyone is frustrated because they are not taking their own power.” – Ellen Lee

Show Notes:

  • Why you should try improv
  • What is going on with politics
  • What is the 5D world
  • How to get rid of allergies
  • What are chakras
  • How to take our power
  • What is chakra clearing

“The main thing about Chakras is that you want them to balance, just like in life. You don’t want too much of something and you don’t want to be depleted of it.” – Ellen Lee

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Ellen Lee:

Facebook | YouTube | Ellen Lee

“Be in your power. Stop being small. Be yourself so that others can be themselves too.” – Ellen Lee

Laura Berman Fortgang on The Rant with Baeth Davis

The life coach industry has become extremely popular in the last ten years, but my guest today, Laura Berman Fortgang is a life coach pioneer.

You may have seen Laura’s incredibly popular TEDx Talk (it had over 550,000 views), and she has also been featured on Oprah and The Morning Show.

As the author of Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction, The Prosperity Plan: 10 Steps to a New Life Direction, Living Your Best Life: How to Discover Your Life’s Blueprint for Success and more wonderful books, Laura shares her incredible insights about how to get up and discover your purpose.

Tune in to today’s show as Laura and I talk about how the plan for success in the modern world is outdated, how to use comedy and acting in political ways, how to find your life purpose and more.

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“You don’t choose your purpose, it chooses you. So if you look at your whole life as a picture, think about how do people come to you? What do they come to you for just naturally? It doesn’t have to do with your job description.” – Laura Berman Fortgang

Show Notes:

  • What is identity
  • How to follow your creative impulse
  • What is a life story process
  • Why people say “I don’t know”
  • How acting can be political
  • What you can do with a theater degree
  • How to get more involved in politics

“Everyone says that you can be whatever you want when you grow up, but then when it comes to choosing a college or course of study it’s like, ‘yeah, but how are you going to make a living at that?’.” – Laura Berman Fortgang

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Laura Berman Fortgang

“The identity is the eggshell, it’s the part that falls away. And the real you is the golden center inside of the eggs, and we can make that into many many many things.” – Laura Berman Fortgang