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Today, my guest Norah Dykema focuses on a very strange, sensitive, and disturbing topic – reptilian attacks.

Norah has been under an excruciating reptilian (alien beings) attack since June of this year (2017). They have affected many parts of her life, and she can feel the attacks physically.

Because of her work with energy, Norah is highly aware of energy shifts. She is an energy healer who mixes Scientific Hand Analysis, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki, Tesla Metamorphosis, and Elemental energies, as well as other energy healing, to facilitate immediate and profound shifts for her clients.

On today’s show, Norah teaches us about reptilians and reptilian attacks. She also shares her personal experience and how you can protect yourself from reptilian attacks.

I think you’ll find this episode fascinating.

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“When I’m getting attacked, the bigger thing that I hear is my ear chakras. And I actually just found out over the last couple of days that ET attacks can be heard in the ear chakras.” – Norah Dykema

Show Notes:

  • What are reptilians
  • Where do reptilians come from
  • Why do reptilians depend on humans for food
  • What are the different types of reptilians
  • How do reptilians control humans
  • What do reptilians look like
  • Why spiritually ascending can protect you

“There is nothing more powerful than a human who is aligned with their purpose in life and their true self.” – Norah Dykema

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“I’m very astute at energy, and he’s done so many energy healings on me in the past that I KNOW what this is.” – Norah Dykema