Kristen Nedopak on The Rant with Baeth

Today, my “total nerd” guest, Kristen Nedopak, rants with us about your magic and how to use it.

As an award-winning writer, producer and host, Kristen is the showrunner/creator of the first-ever live award show for geeks: The Geekie Awards, a show that garners one billion impressions in media coverage each year and celebrates indie creators in sci-fi and fantasy.

Kristen set her day-job aside and put everything into being a sci-fi scriptwriter and host and she considers herself a practicing witch.

On today’s show, she talks all about magic and engaging with energy and how it can change your life.

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“Magic is all about self. It is your self-power.” – Kristen Nedopak

Show Notes:

  • How your limiting beliefs get in the way of your power
  • What’s the definition of a geek
  • How to write scripts
  • Where you can get training on scriptwriting
  • How to host your own show
  • Why you should know people in your industry
  • How to let your voice shine

“It takes a lot of strength to be authentic in yourself.” – Kristen Nedopak

Tips for writers:

  1. Get out there and meet people in your industry
  2. Learn how to communicate beyond your words
  3. Never give up

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“I find that when life feels the hardest, a success is just around the corner.” – Kristen Nedopak