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I have learned that the “thing” you think is holding you back in your business (or life), is not what is really holding you back in your business! And, until you discover and deal with it, you will continue to hold back no matter how many coaching programs you participate in, trainings you take or books you read. I experienced this personally and observed it with others. In working with Baeth, I have become very conscious of being more self-loving. I am actively kinder and more compassionate with myself. I have become even more grateful for the beautiful people in my life who celebrate and support me every day. And I have become more vocal, confident, inspired and passionate about my life purpose.

-Evie KaneLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Shamanic Facilitator and Teacher PreviousNext

What drew me to mentor with Baeth originally was to create a seven-figure business. I had achieved mid- to high six-figures and wanted to get to the next level. I knew Baeth had created this for herself. I wanted to be mentored by someone who was ‘doing’ it. The biggest thing for me was knowing there was a place I go could “go through” any of the emotions I had to go through in desiring/seeking life-changing transformation. I had a safe place to land and learned this was absolutely necessary.

It has been incredibly empowering going through this process, not always knowing or understanding why and what we are doing next and just “trusting the process.” I go about things both personally and professionally completely differently than before – and I am effective, positive and empowering.

I received: Complete and focused attentions to achieve my personal and professional goals; step-by- step systems to implement these goals; and unbelievable support from Baeth. Through this process, I’ve learned things about myself that allow me to either change the way I relate to others and/or change the way I receive from others. I feel my coping skills are so fine-tuned now that it is almost impossible to allow others to derail my experiences.

I have amazing clarity about the people I want in my life who can support me personally and professionally and that I can do the same for. Professionally, I know I can and will achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself. It is so incredibly empowering to know I’m not meant to do this alone. I’ve created teams and am implementing things I’ve wanted to achieve for years but may have seemed too big or I thought I needed accomplish those goals on my own. It’s amazing how learning the skills to ask for help can exponentially thrust you into action.

If you really want change, it is paramount to put yourself in the best place possible to achieve this. To me, that means having the mentor who has the skill set to “move” you and the ability to provide safety and unconditional support in achieving your dreams. In addition, this environment allows you to give back to others in supporting their goals and dreams. Success attracts success.

-Jamie Lea FlemingFleming & Associates, LLC (financial planning and management)

Baeth Davis you’re MAGIC!  My time working with you to grow and expand my business set me up for total success!  I now have a successful online business that I can do from anywhere in the world.  It’s profitable, ever expanding and I’m doing what I love to do!  The other day, I was going over notes from our sessions and I was amazed that everything I learned, all of the ideas you suggested, all the tips and tools you gave me…I have implemented them all!  I am so grateful for the kindness, patience and knowledge you shared with me during our time working together.  I wonder what else I’ll create now?

-Patty AlfonsoCreator of Pole Dancing for Consciousness
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
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